how do i make hash (solid) out of my leafs any help please ????

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by mc-blaze21, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. mc-blaze21

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    hello all i want to make some hash (solid) out of my leafs and stem please can you give me any help on the easiest way to do this as im not to good with this sort of thing but i really want to make some. all my leafs and stems are female if that helps ?????:Rasta:
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  3. mc-blaze21

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    safe i aint that thick but that looked so easy i thought it was gonna be like really hard to make init. how much leaf do you think i would need to make a 9bar ???
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    check out the making hash section in kp's cannabis college...

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    Are you really in BVI, Princess?
    We will be there for a week for our daughter's wedding this May. (Tortola)

  6. mc-blaze21

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    right i watched the video you sent me and i just have one question which it dont say in the vid. do you have to dry the leafs befor you freeze them i would of thought so my self but i'd like some one to let me know if im right??
  7. LIP

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    You can tell your a noob.

    A 9 bar is 9 ounces. An ounce is 28.3 grams.

    When making hash you are collecting the trichomes.

    You only get about 10 - 15 % through.

    So, you have an oz of BUD you'd probably get about 3 grams of hash.

    If you wanted to make a 9bar of hash, you'd need kilo's, and thats kilo's of bud.

    Leaves and stems have hardly any trichomes, so you'd need stupid amounts.

    Unless you have about 10 kilo's of leaves and stems you wont be getting 9 oz of hash, maybe 2 grams.
  8. LIP

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    Didnt mean that to be offensive by the way ;)
  9. LIP

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    It's right at the begining of the vid. It says "Well dried and frozen"

    The reason for freezing is to make the trichomes rock hard and brittle if you will, so they fall off easily and can be seived without plant matter comming through.
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    lol ty lip you seemd to answer all the questions with pretty much the same answers as i would have gven lol. i often find i can get allllllot more kief from my bud if i put it in my crystal catcher freeze it for 10 mins grnd it up then freeze it for 10 mins shake for about 10 mins and keep freezing and shaking, this is ideal if you are trying to get alllll of the kief from it and not really to bothered about the bud lip with this method altho tedious i think you could possible get up to 4-5g of kief from a dank ounce no lie, i managed to get .5g from a 8th om some ok bud but not the dankest.
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    a person could simply pic up a pollin extracter (kief box) and a pollin compactor.Both common at the finer head shops and web site's.

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    hash shaker.... :p

    This is an Australian-made pollen collector called a Shake'n' is basically a (recycled) plastic mug with lids top & bottom & a silk screen positioned above the bottom lid....
    You could make 1 similar very cheaply with some PVC pipe with end caps....I have seen a monster made from 4" pipe that was nearly 3 feet long & could shake about 5 oz. at a time.... ;)


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    You should get bubble bags at your local head shop. Ihave used them for years and always get a great product. They coast about 200$, but they pay for themselvs after a use or two. There are about a half dozen bags that are different gauges, the finer the mesh the better the hash. Any one at the head shop should be able to fill you in on the procedure.The hash is great and you wont blow yourself up this way.
  15. bubadutep75

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    freeze the clippings and use a silk screen , use a cofee grinder and grind up the clippings until the outer edge is light brown no more, get a grinder with bottom drop section at a head shop or buy bubble/screened bags, stick weed in the bags in a bucket with water and ice and blend then lift out the bags and dope then lift out the hash bags. you have to compress the hash to make sure the crystals pop.

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