how do i make my plant stop growing taller?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by foreignduck, Sep 28, 2005.

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    hello. my plants have been flowering for a few weeks now and everything is doing well. except, i have one problem...they continue to rise in leaps and bounds. they are already tall enough, and i wish that the plant would use all the energy the it uses in getting taller and use it to make bigger buds. im worried about topping it...right now prob isnt a good time to give the plant a shock while it is in the flowering stage. so, what can i do to make it stop getting taller and increase the energy flow to the buds? and how do i do it? thanks
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    possibly tie the plant down a bit if you can, if the stem is too strong now, you could probably at least bend it at an angle, or even balance the pot

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    You dont stop it. All you can do is work around it and try and bend them over if height is an issue.

    If height is not an issue, don't worry about it. She will stop growing taller and then start filling out.

    Massive Height growth will cease about 3 or 4 weeks into the flower stage.
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    thanks for replying to my message. well, height growth really isnt a problem, i just figured that i only have about 3 weeks more time left for flowering and wanted the energy to go into the buds. in any case, im new to this, would you mind giving me a little explanation on how to tie down the plant, or bend it? what, do i just bend the top over 90 degrees or something? thanks for your help...i appreciate it

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    Bend gently and slowly...a little bit more each day.

    here are 2 pics of mine where the girls are tied down.

    I use twisty tie and tape the end to grow container.

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    You could top it, but it would be easier to tie it down.

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    Well topping a plant with 3 weeks left won't accomplish much else than giving you a premature main koila to smoke, and a big hole at the top of the plant :)

    There is a way to accomplish what it is you are asking but it is a very very very fine line you dont want to make a mistake on.

    Removal of fan leaves will stop much of the plant from growing and will force it to focus on flower growth and preservation of the flower.

    If you read the grow thread on Whore from this summer, I did just that. But I may have done it just a slight bit too much, but temps in 90's forced me to.

    Removal of fan leaves and half of the fan leaves (cut them in half individually) are two ways you can attempt this. But I swear, one leaf too many can force the plant into an early harvest.

    Done successfully, it will help final swelling of the flowers.

    Good luck.

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