how do u store clones in refrigerator?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by buthead, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. buthead

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    was trying to find any info. on storeing clones in refrigerator? anyone?:) :cool:
  2. Zandor

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    why and for how long?

    You can slow down the growth of them in the cold but they still need the right light and will not hold back that long.
  3. turtle420

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  4. buthead

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    took alot of cutings,just found out had to go to funeral outa state...can they be store for 1 or 2 months in refrigerator and or can they be stored at room temps,likthis? thnx for link,but dosent tell how to do? do add water to wat size bags to go in refrigerator? and can they be put into water,and left in room temps? got my girl to change the water if needed? just need some instructions???:confused:
  5. Gen

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    do not store at room temps. Put in the refrigerator. Yes, you can store for 1 or 2 months. PUt the clones in a ziploc bag, spray in moisture and blow some co2 (from your breath) into the bag seal. When I first started cloning I actually stored some clones in the frig this way. They were ok for a couple of months. Then they started to get slimy and I threw them out. Someone on overgrow kept them for months. He stood the clones up and put water in the bottom. Make sure you put a plastic bag over the whole thing so the clones don't dry out. I hope someone else remembers this post and can back me up.
  6. busteruk7

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    clones in a fridge never heard of that befour
    cheers all :)
  7. Zandor

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    I say they will not live that long.
  8. buthead

    buthead Registered+

    thnx much apperciated gen!++...well appaently it can,lothar from og.,did a nice thread on it,he was a moderator there+ just wish i wud have printed it planet ganja,couple well know members say it can store at room temps,but is a old post,hard to get a replie on that one. buthead/got clones?
  9. buthead

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    gotta think positive,just the way i lik my music to,no bring me down music...that whyyyyyyy y? darma...
  10. Opie Yutts

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    Basically, what Gen said.

    And Zandor, you're mistaken. I was skeptical too until I tried it. I've had cuttings survive in the fridge for 8 weeks, without changing water, blowing in co2, or doing anything else. I suppose you may get them to survive longer if you really took care of them.

    After 8 weeks they were getting a little slimey, and only about 45% survived through rooting. Do not keep them an area of the fridge that partially freezes things, if yours is that cold. I kept mine in little tupperware containers with the cuttings submerged in PH adjusted tap water.

    You want them as cold as possible without freezing. This will slow down their metabolism and almost put them into hybernation.
  11. Gen

    Gen Registered+

    It's an old trick florists use. That's why cut flowers are in refrigerated boxes in the store. The flowers will stay fresh a really long time.
  12. BigWeed

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    I dont know if this will help but I was an OGer and I read the same post by lothar you can store your clones in the frige. I use a zip loc bag with ice and water and place in the bottom with the veggies. The key is no light and change your ice and water every week and you wont get the slim I store mine up to 3 weeks. You can store them longer but not recommended. Do not store at room temps you will kill them all you are trying to do is slow down there metabolism long enough to use them in the future. I hope this helps.
  13. buthead

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  14. Opie Yutts

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    I'm not sure that I would use ice though. It seems like some parts of the cutting may actually get frost bite if they come in contact with the ice for too long. My refrigerator is colder in one spot in the back, and I assume this is not uncommon. My fridge is set pretty cold and will slightly freeze liquid if I keep it in that cold spot. I would just put the cuttings near there, and they should stay pretty much the same as if you put ice in with the cuttings. If stuff doesn't freeze in the cold spot, I would put the cuttings there.

    But hey, I've never tried it. If you're sure the ice isn't damaging the plant at all, don't fix it if it aint broke.
  15. ringo420

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    Well in my opinion at 34 to 38 degrees which is what I keep my produce cooler at work at I can store fresh mint and rosemary cutting in a vase of water for 3 to 5 weeks never had a problem I think that it may workone to one and half months no more But I am just a chef so I never tried with clones .

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