How do ya get such HUGE buds??

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by easymare, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. easymare

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    we grow in a cabinet 2x3x6 with 400w hps light we do everything according to what we read here. The one thing we can not figure out is HOW DO YA GET SUCH BIG BUDS? We r on our third grow and so far nadda big bud grown.Is it in the Pruning or letting them grow with no pruning .We see the pics on here and scratch our heads HOW. a friend of ours who grows outdoors mainly doesn't prune and gets huge buds but that outdoors.
    ANY Hints , clues , suggestions will all be put to good use.
    Thankies in advance
    E :Rasta: and be happy
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  2. xxxhazexxx

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  3. italian04

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    what i found out with my first two grows is that if you trim off all the BS branches before you put it into flower, the colas will grow much bigger. So if you cut off the branches that wont produce decent size nugs, you will get bigger nugs all over. so for instance, my first three plants i did not trim branches at all. my biggest nug was about 5 grams dried. now the plants i have going now, i trimmed all the little branches. there are about 10 nugs on each as opposed to 20-30. the nugs on these babes are as wide as a coffee mug and a good 7 inches long. this is just one way to get bigger nugs. also heat has a huge impact. if those temps get about 84-85 you will definitely notice the growth is slower than if you had temps at 70-78. hope this helps.
  4. LOC NAR on probation

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    Show us if you can. If not tell us more about your setup. A 400 should get you something good. My first few grows I was told not to trim anything just to get the hang of it. Trimming off a few lower branches is good advice.

    We need to know your setup to help tweak it for you. You must be doing something right to get this far. Could be nutrients, water temps , air temps, could even be the water your using.

    What strain are you trying ?
  5. maxsuperdanks

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    look up low-stress training....

    Also, the lighting distance may be an issue.... a lot of shit may be an issue....
  6. stinkyattic

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    Healthy root system in a pot appropriate to plant size
    Remove scraggly growth at inception of flower
    Control temps
    Eliminate stress
    Excellent air flow
    Strain capable of producing large buds
  7. texas grass

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    everything stinky said and learn to work/perfect the strain which can take a good amount of time
  8. guano68

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    under growth

    i have to disagree with a qualification.

    I have had plants that have developed ridiculously huge base fan leaves that live throughought the life cycle. Some are 6-8 long with individuals leaves over an inch wide. They get droopy toward harvest time, but they seem to be awesome photosynthesis generators. I ususally trim the popcorn undergrowth, buth leave these "elephant ears" and it seem to help the overall thrive and become bushier. - maybe I am not not getting the largest colas possbile, but I think I am getting maximum yeild.
  9. stinkyattic

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    If the undergrowth does not qualify as 'scraggly' don't trim it. I'm talking about the tiny runty side growth that comes up throuhg the middle of the plant, not the leaves. You can remove the scruff without touching the large leaves, no problem.
  10. tinytoon

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    Ok I gonna jump in since I am the boyfriend of the person that started this thread and I do the "hands on" part of our shared hobby :jointsmile: I will get pics up as soon as possible. As for some info, Air temp is 78 with lights on and this time of year going down to 68 at lights off. Nutes consist of GH Micro, GH Bloom and Superthrive. Water is city tap, ph is 6.0, 1 drop ST per gallon. End of Veg nutes were 5/5 ml per gallon. first 2 weeks of flower nutes were 5/10 ml per g. just started week 3 of flower, drained res and now running nutes at 8/15 ml per g. oops nutes are listed Micro/Bloom. Fan inside cabinet runs constantly for air circulation. 400w cooltube is about 12 inches from top of plants. This will be the first grow since I painted the inside of cabinet with KoolSeal (something like 90/95 % reflectivity). Flooding is done every 4 hours when light is on and runs for 15 mins. 1 flood in middle of lights off. Pics will be tomorrow since battery in camera needs to charge :( plants veg and flower in 4 inch rockwool sitting on a bed of Hydrotron. From the replies that we have read I am thinking maybe we have been trimming to much, I am sure this will be confirmed one way or the other once that stupid battery charges.
  11. socialistpete

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    I'm gonna have to say it's the amount of nutrients your using or rather the amount of nutrients your not using. First I have to say that I am not familiar with superthrive and that you didn't list the amount that your using. I do have a lot of experience with GH 3-part, and your only using 2 parts. If you want big fat buds follow this link.

    It is a little confusing so if you have questions about it ask them in this thread:)
  12. IAmKowalski

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    Subscribed - can't wait to see the pictures and read what advice comes out of this thread.
  13. easymare

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    :) thankies all for the replies. Imma let Tinytoon handle all the info giving as he is much more informed to do so.I come up with all the questions wondering this that and the other lol.I tend to drive him nuts as he tries to find and learn all about what i ask. He's a good one /grin.
    I know you all will help us try and figure this one out so again /hugs thankies all.
    :Rasta: and be happy
  14. tinytoon

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    Superthrive is 1 drop per gallon listed right after ph level as ST, sorry for confusion. As for Nutes, I have been using Lucas Formula I found on this site and tweaking it a bit from GH's site. Had not been using GH Grow since Lucas stated it wasnt needed since Micro gives plenty of N and didnt want trees inside of cabinet. Pics will come tonite as I am about to run out the door to work.
  15. stinkyattic

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    Never use superthrive in flower. It inhibits the flower response because of the levels of urea present. Leaf:bud mass ratios will skyrocket.
  16. easymare

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    Ok Stinky, Superthrive is no longer part of flower. Will use it only for seedlings/clones/veg. This is the first run using Superthrive so it wasnt part of the original mixture I have used on previous grows. Pics soon I promise :thumbsup:
  17. tinytoon

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    Ok here we go with pics!! The only real thing that you cant really see is the exhaust fan iis in the upper right hand corner and blows through an odersok on the back. There are also 3 in holes in the back with pvc elbows connected for airflow but without light entering.

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  18. tinytoon

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    1 more of the ladies in their 3 week of flowering

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  19. tinytoon

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    strain on these are a medibud we got seeds for from UK and some local stuff that was in the area :jointsmile: these next pics are the clones that are 10 days old and just went into the 4 inch rockwool 2 days ago. They sit on a bed of Hydrotron in tray which sits on seedling mat and cycles on 15 mins every hour and temps stay about 75 at the bottom of the block level. the 4 on the left are the Medibud.

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  20. tinytoon

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    Those are 75w cfls hanging overhead and run 24/7. These are our newborn White Widows that decided they wanted their pics taken too so I couldnt disapoint them :thumbsup:

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