How do you completely clean out your system? (under 30 days)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jakez, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Ok I've read just about everything in this part of the forum and it has been useless IMO because there are so many ways people say to pass a test and then others come and say it didn't work, don't know what to do, come up with other questions and generally just leave me completely stumped, confused, and worried. The tutorials are not detailed enough and the variables (height, weight, smoking schedule, time sober, etc, etc) are all over the place!

    I'd like to know what I can buy at GNC that will clean out my system completely (not some drink this hours before the test and cross your fucking fingers trash). I just took a home thc test a few hours ago and tested positive because I just smoked last night, just making sure they work, I have 3. I'm going to buy the cleansing product from GNC and test again afterwards and then again before the real test.
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    The reason that you see so many different variations is because it is stored in your fat cells and everyone is so completely different that there is no sure way to clean out your system (including products that you can buy at GNC). The only 2 ways to pee clean is 1) stay clean or 2)substitution. Since substitution has always worked for me, that is the route that I take. You can use a friend's pee or a synthetic. I have never failed with quick fix which you can purchase at, or call them to find out if a store in your area sells it.

    Good Luck
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    I would use a substitute (even though the whole temperature of the urine stuff worries me) if they didn't stand right behind me while I'm doing the test. I'm going to be testing myself after I use the stuff from GNC I just need to know what to buy since they don't have any kits that simply say "Clean your system of marijuana" I have no clue what to purchase.

    I've found this page but don't understand why someone would buy a more expensive kit that takes longer to finish. I want to buy the $75 kit from there but how do I know the site isn't a scam or something..
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  4. work out and boost your metabolism if you dont wanna buy anything.

    otherwise, go ahead with the substition method.

    some people like to go on a niacin binge. they think it flushes their system but in truth it just boosts your metabolism and makes you burn like crazy.

    i dunno dont take my advice.

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