How do you correctly smoke out of a apple pipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Crusnik117, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Crusnik117

    Crusnik117 Registered+

    If any of you have searched through the experience forums you would know that im new to pot. Well im planning to get myself some weed and ive decided to smoke it out of an apple pipe. I have a few questions since the only thing ive smoked out of is a bong.

    - Will I need to use tin foil or something to cover the bowl so the weed doesnt fall down into the core of the apple?

    - How much weed should I pack into it/How will I know how much that is?

    - How should I light it? Just a quick light and a quick inhale several times? or burn it all and inhale it all at once?

    - Anything else constructive/helpful

    thanks in advance!
  2. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    im too high to answer those questions but dude just cut a passageway in the apple with a hole up top and a hole in the side. yeah youre probably gunna have to use tin foil just poke small holes in it where the weed will be and stuff it in the top hole. place in weed, light on fire, breath, relax.
  3. budsmoker only

    budsmoker only Registered+

    from my experiences with doing this i did use tinfoil on it.. i just filled up the bowl, and why do you need to know how much that is?? andn then for lighting it, just put a light to a side of the bowl so that the lighter just creeps and saves "greens"... and just burn til its lit.. youll know..
  4. socialinjustice

    socialinjustice Registered+

    dont make one of those. that should be the last resort of all last resorts. if you have nothing to smoke out of, make a steamroller. take a toilet paper or paper towel roll, cut a hole the size of a bowl, put tin foil over the hole, push it down a little with your finger, tape the edges to the paper towel roll, poke a few small holes in the foil, load it, cover one end with your hand, put the other over your mouth, lite it an suck. take your hand off the end when you think its full of smoke and inhale.
  5. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

    yea basically put some tinfoil on it poke some SMALLLL holes lol. and just put some weed on top. and basically theres no right way to light a pipe just breath in and put the flame to the weed, after about 3 seconds you can take the fire off cuz the weed will be cherried, after the cherry hads gone out if you havnt coughed your brains out yet then light it again and your gooooddd
  6. Crusnik117

    Crusnik117 Registered+

    well I dont know how much weed to pack to make a good bowl? dont want to pack like too much, just enough to get a nice high and chill. I suppose if you dont give me a answer ill just put a lil in and light it, if im not high then ill just smoke some more!!! haha :)
  7. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel Registered+

    Just pack enough to fill the tin bowl. Inhale as much smoke as your lungs can handle.
  8. budsmoker only

    budsmoker only Registered+

    well dude we have no idea how much is to much for you.. we dont knwo how good the weed is and all that..
  9. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    wow youre all rookies, you dont need tin foil, carve a cone into the top (stem part) of the apple. use a thin narrow object and spear it vertically through the stem part to the bottom. spear it then horizontally so it meets the other hole. use 1 side of your horizontal as a carb and the other as a mouthpiece.

    macintosh apples are preferrable

    honestly dont waste your time with apples just go get a piece you save money in the end. but on occasion apples are fun and the taste is delicious
  10. funky not a junky

    funky not a junky Registered+

    o shit i thought you were smokin out a fuckin apple pie. SHIIIIIIIT dude i was like duddddde ur freakin God man, u smoke out of apple piesssssssssssss. Wow if i had like an apple pie factory, id make a bong out of a pie. Haha, actually i have an apple pie, maybe i should be the first to make an apple pie im just a tad bit stoned....
  11. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Shit, me too! I clicked wondering how the fuck you can smoke out of apple pie
  12. Stumps

    Stumps Registered+

    A good way to smoke out of an apple and not use any foil is too...

    1. Using a pencil, poke a hole going to about half way down the apple. the hole should be on the side of the stem, never directly in the middle. if its in the middle, the weed will just fall in the hole.

    2. Poke a second hole in the side of the apple that connects to the first hole, this will be the hole you 'hit' from.

    3. Poke a third hole that meets where the first and second hole connect. This will be your carb/Power hitter.

    4. Pull out stem, pack the bud.

    5. Get high. :)
  13. Crusnik117

    Crusnik117 Registered+

    why bother packing it in the stem if its not even connected to the pipe? Is a third hole even necessary?
  14. silasbotwin

    silasbotwin Registered+

  15. Stumps

    Stumps Registered+

    Stem of the apple. you put the weed in the little divit at the top of the apple. But first you pull out the stem so that when you light it your not smoking apple stem, and you have a little bit more room to pack. Also the third hole is nessasary if you want to clear the apple.

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