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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by whats good, Mar 14, 2007.

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    I have been interviewing quite a bit lately for companies and I know it is only a matter of time before I have to take the famous DRUG TEST to get the job cause most companies these days do a drug test.. I smoke about 1 joint every other day or a half of joint every day and when I roll I don't use a lot of bud. Some people have said this is not a lot of smoking but when you have to take a drug test I get a little nervous. I work out 3-4 days a week I do weights and then follow up with stairmaster or eliptical trainer for 45 minutes and I drink lots of water but I still have my concerns. So if you guys know of some good stuff that they sale at GNC or nutrition world that would help in passing a drug test I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks peeps:Rasta: :Rasta:
  2. The Colonel

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    there are lots of detox drinks at
    GNC and other kinds of stores like that
    but im not sure what they're called.
    id recommend just stick to working out
    and drinking lots of water. last year when
    i was on probation i smoked on a sunday
    afternoon, and passed at test the following
    wednesday but just drinking tons of water
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    pills dont really work, some say they do, some say they dont.
    just keep drinking a lot of water and keep working out, dont smoke for the time being and you should be good:thumbsup:
  4. Prunedale

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    Cranberry Juice and Sweat.
    Go running, have sex, ya know active life..
    Stop smoking hehe. Not sure if you've done that yet..
    Just get an herbal drink when you have to pee and you should be ok.
    Large bottle fruit punch yuk taste down it all pee peee pee flush and you're ready. Making sure to follow directions for sure... And perhaps not smoking just for better measures the day of and the day before. Nice avatar that you?? (for the hijak)
  5. ...gas...

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    just don't use it for awhile:Rasta:
  6. r00tdoctor

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    You could always borrow someone elses urine if its a urine test (someone thats clean) , store urine in your fridge till the visit let it site one counter till it reaches room tempature then use those chemical hand warming packs they sell in the hunting/sporting section of walmart to keep the urine warm during ur hostpital visit.

    If it is a mouth swab , try not to smoke for 4 or 5 days before the test and you should be good to go.
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    4 times or more a week is considered a heavy user. If you are in need of a job, I wouldn't chance it. Substitution is the way to go. I use synthetic, because I don't have anyone close that would have clean urine I could use. is where you can get quick fix.
  8. FakeBoobsRule

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    Aerobic exercise is great. It will help increase fat cell turnover. Drinking lots of water days before the test isn't going to help. Sweating does nothing. Cranberry juice does nothing. Niacin does nothing. Vinegar does nothing. Souble fiber like Metamucil can help a little too. Try to take 6 capsules at a time 2-4 times a day. If that is your body in the pic, yeah I would say you work out a lot.
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    my friend whom was on probation, used something called Covert Labs Strip NCâ„¢ One Cleansing Softgel. i bought one on tuesday and i have a drug test tomorrow. he got piss tested every month and passed everytime, with the help of this pill. he smoked everyday and he also used cocaine on a daily basis. i suggest buying it, just read the directions carefully and you SHOULD pass the test. i have mine tomorrow so i will definitely let you know how it goes.

    good luck! here's the pill, it's sold at GNC and it's 30 bucks. you also get your money back if you fail the test. [Commercial link removed]
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  10. FakeBoobsRule

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    Yeah, there are people who have used that Strip NC and passed, some have failed too.
  11. whats good

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    Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the information,, Greatttttttt,, absolutely greattttttttt,,

    and getupoffme I am going to get that stuff when the time comes,,
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    You have no idea what you're talking about. Water does help, cranberry juice helps and sweating helps.

    I was a heavy pot smoker for a few YEARS, got a court notice to appear, and just by sweating, drinking water and cranberry juice, I cleaned my system in 12 days...that's not easy to do for someone who smoked for years without stopping.

    Plus, my dad had random drug tests for work and he'd be fired on the spot if he he drank lots of cranberry juice before they'd give him a test, and guess what? He's had the job for 20+ years.
  13. FakeBoobsRule

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    Actually I do and I will show you why without hesitation . First of all, THC is fat soluble, not water soluble. You can't flood your body with water or fluids and clean it out like you would pressure wash your driveway. The rate at which THC metabolites are eliminated in urine is governed by your kidneys' glomerular filtration rate. Once properly hydrated, you cannot increase the GFR by increasing fluid intake. If you keep drinking and drinking fluids and your body didn't regulate itself, you would die. To control this, your kidneys will pull water from the body and eliminate it to make up for the excess fluids you are drinking. During this whole process, you will not make your kidneys work better because you are taking in excess fluids and going to the bathroom more often. You did not increase how effective your kidneys are eliminating THC metabolites from the blood. All you did was increase the amount of water in your urine.

    When you drink a lot of fluids on the day of the test, this is know as the dilution method. You are not passing the test because you cleaned your body of THC metabolites. What you have done is you have decreased the concentration of THC metabolites in the urine by increasing water. Most drug tests are not zero tolerance. Most drug tests use a cutoff on immunoassay of 50 ng of THC metabolites per ml of urine. Some tests will use a different cutoff but we will stick to this one. If you increase the mls of urine your body is prducing an hour, your THC metabolite concentration will drop. For example, if your body is eliminating 25,000 ng of THC metabolites an hour and 50 mls of urine an hour, your THC concentration is 25,000 divided by 50 mls for a level of 500 ng/ml. That would be a failure. If you take in excess fluids on the day of the test and produce 500 mls of urine an hour your concentration is now 25,000 divided by 500 for a level of 50ng/ml.

    Your dad passed because he diluted, not because he cleaned himself out. He increased the amount of fluid in his urine and the concentration of THC metabolites dropped. Same amount of THC metabolites were there when he got to work that day, only after being told of the drug test, he increased fluid intake, increased fluid in the urine, drop in concentration. Cranberry juice is a mild diuretic and also has mild anti-septic properties in the urinary tract (why women subject to frequent urinary tract infections sometimes drink a lot of cranberry juice). It doesn't clean you out though.

    Some THC metabolites are eliminated through sweating but very very little. Most THC metabolites are actually eliminated from your body by your liver, bile, and feces. Aerobic exercise can help you burn more THC metabolites from your body because THC is fat soluble and if you increase fat cell turnover, this can help. So it is the aerobic exercise burning calories that is important, not the sweat you get from the aerobics.

    RIH, have you taken any advanced level college classes on the human body?

    Anyway, thank you for playing human physiology.
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    RIH, you just received very patient, thorough information from the one person on these boards who knows more about drug testing, lab results, and human medical-lab physiology than anyone else who frequents this place. Feel free to read his past posts or look at his profile if you'd like more of a hint as to just how well qualified he is. He frankly deserves your gratitude--if not your unmitigated awe--rather than your claims that he doesn't know what he's talking about. He does indeed know. Seems to me you were very lucky that he even took the time to explain it so graciously to you after your response to him.
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    Thank you FakeBoobsRule, yer post helped me alot even though i didnt post about it..

    Rep. points 4 u:thumbsup:
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    Birdgirl, you're awesome! I would rep you but I gotta spread it around first. Thanks angel.
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    Anytime, my friend. Much respect to you!
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    Woooooooohh love this information,, thanks guys
  19. FakeBoobsRule

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    Oh, where to start. So many things, so much bad advice. First, your take aspirin because it thins your blood. Although aspirin is called a "blood thinner" guess what. It does not change the viscosity of the blood whatsoever. It affects clotting times but not if your blood is thick like cake batter or thin like water. Aspirin on the day of the test is useful depending on what brand of immunoassay is used, but not because it thins your blood and makes it easier on your body.

    Very little THC is eliminated through sweat. Sweating is your body's respond to increased body temperature or being nervous. A huge waste of time.

    Niacin is an urban legend that does nothing. Some people will swear by it but they usually are using the dilution method as well. To conduct any valid scientific experiment, you can only change one variable. Two variable scientific experiments are useless.
  20. whats good

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    Fakeboobs u are awesome, that is all I can say about you. I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge and information you have provided us.

    You rule Fakeboobs
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