how do you make fem seeds

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by middieman440, Mar 25, 2010.

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    hey guys i was wondering what are some good ways to get fem seeds from my plant,i herd of a spray you can buy but i have no clue what it is,but i was wondering if i harvest one of my plants but leave all the tiny branches intact would it herm out and make seeds,and if it would and if im correct those seeds will be female but under severe stress they will likely herm out..

    please correct/answear if you have experiance doing this

    thanks, middie
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    Dutch master reverse i think is what the stuff is called follow the direction on it for application and you want to collect the pollen in a plastic baggy and store it....then select a good female that you like to cross with and then you will have some femmed seeds....if you get a herm then herm genetics can follow! by forcing a stable female into producing male flower is probably the most stable way to get what you want :thumbsup:
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    Dutch Master Reverse is a preventative for hermies, and is supposed to work really well if you don't want those pollen sacks popping up...

    So if you want to make fem seeds, DMR is not the way to go.
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    ok then what do i do....i thinking of just growing out a plant, 3 weeks to finish i was going to snap a branch then tape it back together and hope it makes seeds..
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    Please read the link I posted earlier. Your answer is there.

    Snapping a branch may not cause hermies. 3 weeks is not long enough for nanners to form, release pollen, and form viable seeds.
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    your post earlier brought me to a convo that just made me confuzed,ur other post was a remark to the dutch master reverse.,so im confused.

    but i just read a way to do it by using light stress,,these are outdoor plants so i just have to shine a light on the plant a couple times and i should get seeds
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    Yup, should do the trick. I've read that some strains are more sensitive to light stress than others, so start early enough that you can get the nanners to form and still make seeds in time for harvest :thumbsup:
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    The first company to produce an effective hormone treatment was Hybritech, with a product called eliteXelite. However, this product is no longer available for public purchase. PG-Solutions has a hormone spray called Stamen-It! The pollen must be applied to a true female to get female seeds. Not a plant which you have seen pistilate growth. It is paramount that a true female be used for breeding. Tricking mother nature by making female seeds is not easy, and requires some research into breeding.
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    my bad...thanks BT;)
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    i used that dmr on 20 plants and all of them turned out to be male.they were afghani seeds.
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    ive heard if you s[ray your plants with ethenal there is a 9/10 chance they become female... but you might wana read up on it first cause this is comming from other people i havnt tried it myself
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    ANY female cannabis plant under severe stress will throw-out nanners. That is your goal. If you start with stable genetics and fem will still have a stable strain. Do it wrong, and there's no going back...the damage has been done.

    Stamen It is collodial silver...can Google the process of making your own.

    Uncoated aspirin (salicylic acid) works.

    GA (gibrellic acid) has been used for many years in the agriculture industry to make seedless grapes and other genetic mutants. It also stresses a cannabis female into throwing-off nanners from which femmed pollen is taken and applied to another female. (donor is killed, as the application of the gibrellic acid renders it potentially toxic to humans) The Dutch have been using this crap for decades on cannabis.

    The above products plus the benign methods of light stress, heat stress, cold stress...all are stressors that induce the (100% natural) imbeded self-preservation traits that force the nanners in an effort to self-pollinate and continue the species. Any one of the stressors (if done properly) works to make femmed pollen.

    If you know what you are doing, you can have great success. But if trying this before you know your plants, you can easily ruin your present grow, and if things go real bad...might screw-up your own seed stock.
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    thanks rusty,im sure i can do this correctly, i was waiting for a firm responce from either you or stinky,haha guess waiting is good,,.but im not going to be doing this, this year as im moving to cali 1st week of june.but if im able to do this stuff down there i will deff do one of those methods,

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