how do you make hash from your trimmings?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by flyinhigh420, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Isopropanol extraction.
    Pretty straightforward.
    Save trim-crush-soak in rubbing alcohol in a warm place 24h-pour into GLASS evap tray (like a lasagne pan or whatnot- heat very very gently to evap off liquid- don;'t set your house on fire- scrape up with a razor blade- stick in a jar- let sit for a couple weeks- enjoy.
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    yuck stinky...i am not an iso fan....but it is good for those that like it....

    buy bubble bags!! make bubble hash!! nothing better than that!!
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    I didn't say I liked it, lol!!!
    It's just cheap and simple.
    And it looks like green-tinged used motor oil. Delicious!!! hahahaha

    I don't produce enough trim to justify buying bubble bags.

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    But the bags also give you something useful to do with all of those little airy buds that grow from the bottom and lower branches! Some people get so many buds they turn them into high grade hashish too! And they'll last a lifetime if cleaned and dried after each use and never ever use them to stir the mush together like instructed to do in the directions. Stir in a separate bucket instead then pour the slurrey into the bags waiting in another bucket.
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