How do you mix your nutes?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GetThisOrDie, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. GetThisOrDie

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    Whats up??

    I am curious as how everyone mixes their nutes? I ask everyonne to share because I browsed and couldnt find any posts on the topic really...
    Im hoping people (including me!) can learn something new from other peoples experiences. Also to compare methods and shortcuts/tricks.

    I am using old gatorade jugs and milk jugs for my containers to save money. I keep my clean water in the gatorade jugs and mix my nutes in the milk jug.
    When I fill my jugs for water I use cool water from the tub and immidiately ph the water to 6.7-6.8.

    For nutes I take the milk jug and fill it with water leaving a small amount of space in the jug to account for the nutes. I then start mixing in my fox farms 3part according to the online feeding chart. I dont ever give it full str according to the chart. I then PH the solution (usually only PH up), check the ppm and dilute to desired range, and sometimes leave it for 1-2 days before using it.

    I always make sure of the PH immidiately prior to using any water or nutes to ensure there was no fluctuation.

    We all know growing cannabis is an on going learning experience... :jointsmile:
    Hopefully we can all share our details and learn from eachother!

    Thanks for posting in advance.
  2. stra8outtaWeed

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    i will start with the base nutrient mix my additives depending on flower or grow...also when using any beneficials such as mychorizea, enzymes, i will mix these and water alone between feedings...and i check the ph before pouring the juice to the girls :jointsmile:
  3. Dutch Pimp

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    I take a gallon jug of tap water & add a 'pimch' of this & and pinch of that...:thumbsup:

    I would explain it farther?'s mostly ju-ju juana...:stoned:
  4. truepunk87

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    :thumbsup:i mix my Humboldt Bloom,Humboldt Grow,and humboldt equilibrrium, then shake the jug, then add my Humboldt Myco Madness and shake again, then let it sit at lest 24 hours to get the Myco all activated and "brewed". works great
  5. TheChameleon

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    I use rain water and 5 gallon buckets... I mix about 4 gallons on nute day and place the ladies over another 5 gallon bucket with a milk create inverted over it... I then water thoroughly,,, I usually end up with a gallon or so of runoff in the bucket below... I let the girls go till the leaves are drooping and repeat the process about every 3/4 days in summer and 4/5 days in the winter...

    I ph the water to 6.0/6.3 and then add the FF nutes and molasses to it,,, I then check the runoff water PH it's usually a little sweet so I just leave the FF ocean alone...
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  6. CovertCarpenter

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    This is the way we mix our nutes...

    mix our nutes, mix our nutes...
    This is the way we mix our nutes... so early in the morrrr-nin'!

    [sorry, couldn't resist!]

    I start out by filtering at least five gallons of tap water thru my brita jug apparatus to remove nasty things, then PH it, and add Hydrogen Peroxide in small amounts.

    I then mix a smaller container of the now-PH'd water with some molasses (to make sure it's dissolved fully), CalMag, my DNF Bloom A/B, Kushie Kush, and Bud Candy, and give it a hell of a stir in with my hand blender, both to make sure it's mixed well, and aerated.

    Once this is done, dispensing said water to the plants takes almost no time at all. I used to mix my nutrients in 1ga. containers, but it took waaaay more time than doing a larger batch as I do now. For plants with special needs, I will still get a larger container of filtered water to correct PH, then mix specific concentrations from it in the 1ga. bottles I have handy.

    Hope this helps!
  7. GetThisOrDie

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    thanks for all the replies guys!!

    I like the milk crate over the empty bucket idea.

    Lets keep em coming!
  8. everything

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    another one gallon jug user :)

    I use the one gallon containers we get our orange juice in. They are plastic and the plastic is very sturdy or thick compared to a typical one gallon milk jug. Nice and strong.

    First I pour out about a cup or two of water and place it into a watering can. This allows for enough air space within the container to shake it thoroughly and allow the nutrients to mix up nicely. I also believe that it also oxygenates the solution when you really shake it up prior to feeding your plants.
    I add each nutrient and then shake the container aggressively for about 30 seconds.
    I then top it off with the clean water I first poured out.
    After this I shake it up again for just a few seconds and pour out a small sample to check the ph.
    After checking the ph, if an adjustment is needed and there is something added to the solution such as ph up or ph down, I again shake it aggressively for about 30 seconds and then check the ph again.
    Repeat until desired ph is achieved and the shake the tar out of it one last time right before feeding.

  9. khyberkitsune

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    Since I refill each of my hydro buckets individually, I follow a regimen of fill my bucket from the bathtub, run it through a rigged filter (brita cartridges), add my nutes (micro first, bloom next, gro if I have it/want it, then additives for cycle,) then adjust the pH. Using the brita filter rig helps reduce the amount of pH down I require, and does a fair job of removing excesses of chlorine and chloramines which can build up in excess when you mix nutrients together (it happens naturally, you just want to control the chlorine content and type.)
  10. GetThisOrDie

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    Damn, it must take forever for all the water to flow through the brita... I have a brita jug for drinking water and it takes forever to fill up lol.

    Now does the brita take out the trace elements? If so then you are probably adding cal/mag or mollassas to make up for it?

    I read once somewhere that the type of chlorine they use now in the tap water doesnt harm the plants and doesnt need you to take those type of measure to remove it anymore... filters and leaving the water sit over night...

    What are your takes on that?
  11. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    Actually the Brita uses a magnesium ion particulate as part of the filter so it takes some out but keeps a little bit in. This keeps me from having to buy the hardwater FloraMicro. As for flow, I rigged four of the filter cartridges into the bottom of a cat littler bucket. A full one is done in about 4 minutes.

    The new chlorine (chloramine) doesn't evaporate at all. And it's not really new, it will change into a different chlorine form if you change the temperature, at least if it doesn't have a stabilizing agent as part of its molecular structure.
  12. Wantukcheese

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    i have a 140 liter tank under plants so I fill it, all my nutrients go by the 10 liter, so I ad 14x each one of the 5 nuts stiring inbetween, then as the tank gets half empty I put in 7 times the 4 nutrients for rest of flower. I then look at ph on meter and ec, if within my tolorences just leave it, usualy is ph 5.8-6.2 and ec 2.4-2.8
  13. bigsby

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    Can you tell us the implications of this? Does it need to be mitigated? I'm guessing yes. How can we tell if our municipality is using the newer variant of chlorine? I'm guessing a call to the water department...

    Some one in another thread asked about the viability of using chlorine drops used to treat water in preparation for fish tanks. Any thoughts on that?
  14. DaReaper

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    Chlorine drops

    Yes i am very curious as to weather or not its ok to use aquiarium drops?? Well actualy i used them on 1 plants watering today and will be monitoring for obivious problems. But hopefully my plant dont turn into a mutant:wtf:
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  15. disoBAYish

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    Vegging - 1 teaspoon of Fox Farm Grow Big nutrient solution per gallon of purified water. I use the solution every other watering and/or as needed.

    Flowering - 1/4 Tablespoon of Fox Farm Big Bloom + 1/2 Teaspoon of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom nutrient solution per gallon of purified water. Feed every other watering.

    This is what I am going with. I came up with these numbers by using the Fox Farm chart and mixing them at a 1/3 - 1/4 ratio of what it says on the directions.

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