how do you pass a swab test??

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by JKD, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. JKD

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    I have a drug test coming up in a week... I've been taking Niacin & Goldenseal for a week & a half. Took one of those home drug tests & failed it.. been smoking for about 43 yrs on a daily basis.. have quit for about a month now.. I thought the test was going to be a UA but instead they do a mouth swab... where they use your saliva... does anyone know of how you would pass this type of test?
    really could use some help here!
  2. happiestmferoutthere

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    Relax. Saliva test have a much lower detection time than a urine test. Most swab tests will pass in 48 hours, but some can detect up to 96 hours. Piece o' cake!!:thumbsup:
  3. Megaz

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    Just wait, not sure how long though... 43 yrs... damn. Usually you can pass in a couple days of not smoking. For 43 years, may take a little longer. Swab tests are monitored during the interview.
  4. thathippiekid

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    A friend of mine smoked the day of his swab test and passed. Said he just didn't let the swab really touch the inside of his mouth... It's more of a thing you have to hold in your mouth then something they do.
  5. JKD

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    had one once before & they swab your mouth not you.. failed that time too...
    & yes 43 yrs is a lot of smokin.... & I'm afraid it will take awhile to get it out of my system... but if anyone has any more ideas I'm open to em!
  6. thathippiekid

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    ah. This was a one time thing they did in a store.. you held it in your mouth and a little thing on the side changed colors.
  7. killerweed420

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    FBR is the expert on this but from what I remember a swab test is like a blood test only 3 or 4 days detection time.
  8. JKD

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    okay who's FBR? I need some help here!!
  9. HyDrO ViSiOnZ

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    From what i have read Saliva is a short term test. 96-48 hours. But just in case they do sell moutwashes you use 20 min before the test. I pass after 3 sober days and mouthwash
  10. happiestmferoutthere

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    FakeBoobsRule is our drug test expert ( He is also a moderator). If any of the information needs clarified he will do it, when he logs in.
    Good Luck!;)
  11. dawninthemorning

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    Have you been clean while taking the niacin and golden seal (btw, waste of money, sorry)? If you have been clean for the past week and a half you will be fine. Do some research, just to make yourself feel better, but as long as you have been clean you have nothing to worry about.
  12. steme

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    Turn the swab around in your hand and stick the stick in your mouth. Then turn it back in lol...
  13. JKD

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    been clean for about a month. but still failed the home UA test.... so after smokin for 43yrs I'm afraid it is going to take quite awhile to get it out.... how could I fail the UA but pass the swab??? I sure hope you guys are right about the swab test being short term... I have a week to find out.. if anyone has a for sure way for me to pass it PLEASE let me know..... I have to pass this one...... for sure....
  14. dejayou30

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    Swab tests detect 3 days max.
  15. happiestmferoutthere

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    Do a search of FakeBoobsRule posts about swab tests. He knows his shit!

    *I've been dying to use this smiley! SO CUTE!!*
  16. happiestmferoutthere

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    5 different people have told him this. He doesn't believe us!
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