how do you roll a huge joint?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Nocturnal Stoner, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    hey i was wondering how can you roll a huge joint, like 3-4 king size rizlas together and make 1 huge joint, can anyone please give sum instructions.


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  2. Chucky76

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  3. DylanN89

    DylanN89 Registered+

    nah man.. see Js arent what u want.... what u wanna learn to roll is a big ass blunt... for u and ur homies.....:thumbsup:
  4. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    like the one ethsfreshman rolled?
  5. DylanN89

    DylanN89 Registered+

    maybe.... ? :S
  6. mowie wowie

    mowie wowie Registered+

    buy a cigar, knock out the tobacco, fill it with weed


    buy a cigar, cut it open, take the tobacco out more easily, fill it with weed, and roll it.
  7. ethsfreshman

    ethsfreshman Registered+

    cut a pocket in a cigar, push tobacco out either end, fill with weed.
  8. LiveHigh

    LiveHigh Registered+

    ^^somehow him giving advice on blunts doesn't seem right.
  9. james2theson

    james2theson Registered

    hahahaha ya he pretty much ruined himself with that "blunt" he rolled
  10. SpiritLevel

    SpiritLevel Banned

    the longest ive rolled is 2 ocb slims long ways. i might do one with slim rizlas before the hight is over and take pics
  11. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    Younger days we always did 4 paper joints. Lay two side by side overlapping about a half inch and bond em. Do it again to the other two. Now bond the works together (up/down) like you would with a normal two paper joint....for those who can't roll. There ya go....a four paper joint.

    Have a good one!:thumbsup:
  12. SpiritLevel

    SpiritLevel Banned

    left to right then CR.

    Pic 1 - Get materials. I be using silver slim jims, deseeded WEED not bud (hard times), around half a ciggy.

    Pic 2 - Two sheet wide; use gummy on third sheet to stick edges together

    Pic 3 - Stuck

    Pic 4 - Fill the half build

    Pic 5 - The finished build. I'm pleased it aint too long this time cause i don't feel like blazin too much.. Time to add fire!! {{i didn't cheat this time by funelling weed down the end, maybe next}}

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  13. SparkandFly

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  14. iNfamouzJ

    iNfamouzJ Registered+

    blunts are better in my opinion...
  15. 420Mikey420

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  16. EastStandHibby

    EastStandHibby Registered+

    thats 1 skinny ass joint:D thats exactly how we roll them in the UK I can't believe you guys allways use 1 paper, we use 3, stick 2 together like what he's done and then put the 3rd in the middle so it sticks better. we use tobacco in our joints tho:stoned:
  17. scream

    scream Registered+

    we would stick the papers together and "dollar bill" roll it with some newspaper cut down to the right side. it works

    edit...ya i know it takes away from the art but it works
  18. WeekenD TokeR

    WeekenD TokeR Registered+

    Hmm, never been much of a joint man, but after all the hype I've had from friends and now all the posts on this forum about them, I think I'd better learn how to roll. And plus I wouldn't mind being able to smoke a little more stealthily, as I'm usually a bong lover, and bongs don't go down so well in public.

  19. BongZoola

    BongZoola Registered+

    I'd just go with a blunt. Blunts burn slower, taste better, and you dont have to deal with sticking all those papers together and whatnot.
  20. SpiritLevel

    SpiritLevel Banned

    errrrr, Yea I'm in uk toooo.. i like skinny ones because thas what i can afford to do right now. and i suppose i wanted to demonstrate that u can get a bit of length on ya j without the huge girth

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