How do you roll resin into a ball?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by adfsghjn, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. adfsghjn

    adfsghjn Registered+

    Really, it's so sticky that I think if I tried I would just end up with resin all over my fingers. How do you roll it?
  2. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    i have no idea, i have teh same problem. i had the idea to rub weed around on ur fingers so u got some crystals and powder shit on them and that might help redue stickieness but fuck i duno,.
  3. scartledge

    scartledge Registered+

    you must be kidding me. just roll it. cos it's so sticky just put it on paper and roll it with 1 finger. never had a problem personally.
  4. adfsghjn

    adfsghjn Registered+

    And it doesn't just smear all over the paper?
  5. 420kidder

    420kidder Registered+

    This is what I do (been doing it for the 11 years I've been smoking).

    Scrape your pipe, you can get like 3 types of resin for the most part.
    1.There's the gooey stuff (sticks easily, tough to get off skin)
    2.There's the dry flakey resin (usually found in the bowl itself, burns quick, tastes gross)
    3.There's the resin that's perfect.

    The perfect resin usually comes from a bowl that gets smoked often enough where it doesn't all dry out, but resin that wasn't just collected from tuesdays smokeathon. If it's been in there a little while it seems like the heat from other smokings may dry it a little but, but not too much. This allows you to pull it out of the pipe and it's almost a hard shiny substance. These balls you can roll into a ball.

    Another tip. Have a box that contains various tools. If you need something long and thin, perhaps eyeglasses screwdriver, or a safety pin. I've found that a paperclick doesn't work too well because the resin doesn't like to stay on. I also have a razor blade in my box. Just in case someone busts me while I'm scraping. just kidding heh. Sometimes the resin you get out IS too gooey to roll into a ball, so I scrape it off with my razor. I let it sit on the razor and keep adding to it when I get a good amount of goo.

    Finally when I'm done I get another tool and take off the goo ball and try to get it in the bowl without really touching it, especially with your skin because it'll stick well.

    I try to put something else down if you're smoking either goo resin or perfect resin. :) lol I usually put the dry powdery scraped resin back in the bowl first. This way once the goo resin melts and bubbles, it won't wind up leaking down through your pipe back into the reservoir after just one hit.

    Ok, I think that's too much information on resin. I'm sure many other people have many other ways of doing this sort of thing. :)
  6. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    Thanks man, I was thinking about scraping my pipe earlier, I've never scraped the stem (I guess it would be) and I looked today and it's so thick, in tar looking resin, very shiny and thickly coated. :)
  7. 420kidder

    420kidder Registered+

    A lot of people don't like smoking resin because of the taste, work involved, and or mess involved. I think it's almost like a delicacy because it gets me so high when I have no more MJ. Use it to your advantage, it works great for getting you high when you have nothing else.
  8. adfsghjn

    adfsghjn Registered+

    Resin definately adds a lot more to smoking, but I guess most of mine is the gooey kind because it comes from a bong piece. And the dry stuff from the top. I still haven't seen this "perfect" resin.

    I've found that I get mind-blowing high if I sprinkle some kif on a bowl of resin and the take a huge ass toke.
  9. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    i remember back in the day when i smoked it all just goes down the drain and in the garbage
  10. jahjahjahjah

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    Preety fucking easy if ur not a fucktard.
  11. adfsghjn

    adfsghjn Registered+

    Practice what you preach, fucktard.
  12. buncha fucktards.
  13. AcidFreak

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  14. YayAreaPnjbi

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  15. FactionGroove

    FactionGroove Registered+

    i like to throw my resin in my tray with shake in it and... uhhh... shake it. coats the outside with bud. i dont like straight resin. gives me a headache i think.

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