How do you scrape your bowl?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Cam, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Cam

    Cam Registered+

    Hey I'm new to being a stoner, so my pipe is very full... and I want the resin out. How do I get it all out of the inside and what not? I hear people use water... or heat. I just don't know... help me out- how do I clean my bowl?
  2. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    Piece of clotheshanger wire, go in through the mouthpiece and the carb, bend to get all areas, works like a charm.
  3. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    OR get rubbing alchohol, highest percent you can find. Let it soak in a bowl of that over night. Then with all the rubbing alchohol you pour lil bits of it onto a mirror, burn that off, pour more on, burn it off, until all the alchohol is burnt off. Then scrap off all the resin of the mirror. Smoke and enjoy.
  4. ImStonedNILikeIt

    ImStonedNILikeIt Registered+


    Well, I went and bought a nail kit at this place. It's a really cute nail kit, it has a hard case on it,and it has butterflies on it...mmhmm yea so anyway...It has stuff like scissors,my roach clips and lot's of sharp things.I call it my surgery kit for when my bowl is in need of some surgery.I usuassly clean my bowl out once or twice a month depending on what i'm doing with the resin, but I take something sharp, and i take the bowl apart peice by peice and scrap as much as I can off of the bowl....on a piece of paper that away if u find some useable resin u can put it back in and smoke for hard times!When my bowl is really needing a cleaning, I soak it in boiling water,and use a qtip for the insides....

    Well thats all I have to say :)
  5. Cam

    Cam Registered+

    hey thanks I like the alcohol trick! cute
  6. Ganj

    Ganj Registered+

    by doing this you take the risk of breaking your pipe. i think the rubbing alcohol method works just fine. make sure you burn the alcohol.
  7. Smokey McPot

    Smokey McPot Registered+

    I take my bowl and heat it up with my lighter and get all the resin nice and soft. Then i take a paper clip and straighten it out and you can bend it into the shape of your needs.
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  8. LilRedDevil

    LilRedDevil Registered+

    With great saddness! Cause I only clean my pipes when I am out ~lol~

    I have a few tools, hair pin, bobby pin and a wire thing I made (gets around corners) I heat my bowl a very carefully scrape every drop I can out. I then do blades and smoke the paper.
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  9. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    I just use a pin, drawing pin, but longer lol, and just scrape the bowl out, then put all the resin in a bit of Rizla, and fold it up and smoke it:)
  10. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    I just scrape it with a paper clip and then blow with carb held and the blass of resin will fly ouy of the bowl peice
  11. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    if ur pipes are hard to clean i suggest gettin ur hands on some dental tools, like the little picks they use are great for weird angles and stuff, wire coat hangers are great but you can only bend them so many times before they break =\
  12. Microsoft Certified

    Microsoft Certified Registered+

    ^Yeah those dental tools sigh,

    i made my own tool and it still works like a charmm\
  13. ImStonedNILikeIt

    ImStonedNILikeIt Registered+


    Okay..Just a thought....You know what I think ya'll need to do?I think you all need to invest in the same nail kit I did....OR just put one together..I'm telling you it works like a charm!

    Like okay...
    Go to the womens isle...
    Grab some tweezers(great little roach clip, all you need is a rubber band)
    And some scissors.(great for cutting things up if you really need too)
    And those sharp things with a rounded tip...there good for around the corners,
    and the sharp thingies that you clean out from under your nails...
    Of course everything you guys listed works and is cheaper...but still...i carry this thing around in my purse, disguised as a womens 'tool' for her nails, but it's really good for your bowl! :p
    Mine has a hard case,and a little more extra thingies to it, but it really works..exspecially if its an emergency and you're really needing something sharp..:p
  14. Cam

    Cam Registered+

    I used rubbing alcohol to get rid of all my resin and then burned it off in the morning. I then burned off all the alcohol. Then I was able to scrape it all up and make a sticky resin ball. its so beautiful. I kinda wanna use it now... but I'm gonna wait to have either a few, or one big one lol.
  15. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    See, works great. :D
  16. Pipe Cleaning Kit

    Pipe Cleaning Kit Registered

    Check out After years of scraping my pipes with anything I could find. I made the right tools to get the job done. Trust me it's the best way to scrape your pipe.

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