Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Stonedboy12, May 27, 2005.

  1. Stonedboy12

    Stonedboy12 Registered

    Hey i just got a new 65 dollar bubbler today and im not sure how to put the water in or how to get it out. I tried today and had no clue how to put it in or get it out without having a problem. Can anyone give me some advice? :cool:
  2. WeBB15

    WeBB15 Registered+

    does the peice you smoke out of come out? If so, just put the water thru that hole, or just put it in the mouthpiece
  3. dr brzaa

    dr brzaa Registered

    I personally fill it through the carb.
  4. Stonedboy12

    Stonedboy12 Registered

    whats a carb haha
  5. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    The little hole on the side that you put your finger over while you toke, and then take your finger off of as you finish your hit to suck in all the leftover smoke.
  6. wutang123456

    wutang123456 Registered+

    (the shotgun if your from the south)
  7. silentbob9898

    silentbob9898 Registered+

    um im about as south as you get living in south florida and we call it a carb
  8. naturalmystic

    naturalmystic Registered+

    um im about as south as you get living in south florida and we call it a carb

    Who gives a shit, in Virginia we call it a shotgun, and Virginia is a southern state. Just cause south florida doesn't use the term doesnt mean the whole south doesn't.
  9. grapedog420

    grapedog420 Registered

    dude, silent bob, where in south fla?
    i'm in miami, my summer just started, and i'm looking for a toking buddy.

    if you're anywhere near me, maybe we could meet up. email me.


    oh yeah. bubbler. fill it through the bowl if you have to, some people i know do that, and then just wipe the bowl. but just so you know if you've got resin in the bowl that makes it slightly messier. otherwise fill it through the mouthpiece. not mind-bogglingly difficult.
  10. grapedog420

    grapedog420 Registered

    oh, and remember, silent bob. miami is a northern city in a southern state. if you're from south florida (i.e. if you're from dade or broward) you're in a blue county, and the rest of the state is red. remember that.
  11. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Do most bubblers have slides or carbs? Also, how much water are you supposed to put in, i was always confused about that...
  12. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    They can have both, actually. My Salvia bubbler has a slide that works really well, but my Marihuana bubbler has a carb. It's really just personal preference...

    But as to how much water you have to put in, you can really put however much you need to make sure that the bottom of the downstem is covered, preferably by an inch or more of water so you can get the full effects of the water filtering and cooling the smoke.
  13. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    Keep in mind though, if the water is too high, movement like spasms during coughing will splash the water about and wetting your weed, which is no fun.
  14. Tokerface

    Tokerface Registered

    What does having more water do for you? Does it make it smoother?
  15. iSmoke31307

    iSmoke31307 Registered+

    There is a different between the south and geographically southern. Florida is not the south.

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