how does a 1000w light relate to electric bill?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by yamaha_1fan, Oct 21, 2006.

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    i am trying to figure out how the wattage of my lights will relate to my electric bill. a know a 1000w light uses 1000watts but over what period?

    The ultimate goal is to keep my usgae below 3000KW hours per month, thus keeping my electric bill in a normal range.

    i know it will vary depending on lighting schedule but can someone tell me how to calculate it? I know it must be simple.
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    ok so i read the FAQ's.

    a 1000 watt light uses 1000 watts per hour.

    so heres my math.

    worst case i'll be running 16 hours per day for 30 days. so thats 480 hours

    3000KW = 3,000,000 watts or 3M watts

    3,000,000/ 480 = 6250

    So based on my math, running 16 hours a day, i can run about 6250 watts per hour and maintain my 3000kw hour usage?
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    how much are u charged per kwh
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    Watts are indeed a measure of magnitude. Kilowatt HOURS are a rate (that's what the 'hour' part is, usage/time).

    In any case, there are about 720 hours in a month (30-day month). So if you ran your 1k light 24 hours a day, that'd be 720 kilowatt hours. If you want to stay below 3000 kilowatt hours, then you could use as many as four 1k lights running 24 hours per day (but basically nothing else).

    If you're using just one 1k light 16 hours/day, that's about 480 kilowatt hours, leaving you 2520 kilowatt hours for other stuff throughout the month. That comes out to about 84 kilowatt hours of 'spare' (non-light) useage per day, or about 3500 watts of constant useage. Since some months do have 31 days, you'd probably be safest using no more than 3000 watts on a constant basis (plus the 1k light 16 hours a day).

    Check my math, but I believe that's correct.
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    You have to allow for environmental controls and shit, it all adds up, I think electricty prices shot up about 20% recently.
  7. yamaha_1fan

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    our electric is about 11 cents a KW hour. so 3000KWh = $330. I could even go higher cause my normal electrical bill in the houses i have lived in have been 300-500 dollars. Kids go through alot of clothes and leave alot of lights on.

    Consider my math is based on 16 hours a day usage, and that wont be all the time, since part of the time will be 12/12

    There will be no other electricity usage besides pumps, and fans, and any other minor usage.

    I am counting on the fact the grow room is in a room in a finished room sorrounded by other finished rooms. As we are coming into winter, there will be no need for AC. I am planning on using a CAN filter which i already own to pull air out of the room, push into another room and pull that air back into the room. That way i should be able to provide enough fresh air, while keeping the temps up. I am considering running the lights at night while it is the coldest to keep the room warm.
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    ok maybe im crazy here......but the most electricity ive ever used in my apartment in the hottest of hot days in the summer was under 500 kwh, and thats a 2 bedroom apt, so 3,000 kwh seems really really high to me and will seem very very suspisious to the electric company, who will report it to the cops, like when you start to flower and shut off your lights you will create spikes which will alert the man to what your doing if the smell doesnt first, now me myself am very paranoid, but it pays to be you know....replace all your bulbs with energy effcent types, never ever ever shut off your lights, make a special flowering room to bring the girls to at night to avoid unneeded suspition...anyways hope my paranoid rantings helped lol .....peace
  9. harris7

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    I dont think it creates spikes because they are not continuously monitoring your power consumption. In BC they only check once every 3 months so they can only find your average.
  10. harris7

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    indeed, but my calculatoin is correct, so yall can use it:Rasta:
  11. CJBHM52

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    actually a watt is a rate not a magnitue. one watt = 1 joule / second. the joule is the measure of energy. so a watt is energy per time. but yeah yamaha your math looks good (im stoned so i might be wrong).
  12. yamaha_1fan

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    i am looking at my CURRENT electric bill. it says i used 2562 KWH for 29 days or an average of 88 KWH per day. that bill is for 290.70. thats how i came up with 11 cents. it doesnt give you the actual KWH rate

    my prior bill was for $472. thats 4290 KWH.

    thats for a 3 bedroom house, 2 story, + full finished basement. i have 2 kids. that includes running 2 ac's and TONS of laundry.

    I have talked to plenty of homeowners and a 300-400 electric bill is normal.

    Now in this other location, the grow will be the ONLY thing using electric so if I keep the bill below 400, i will be fine. this is also a decent sized house so a 300-400 bill wont be suspicious.

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    I RUN 3-1000W HPS
    2 5000 BTU A/C'S
    4 FANS


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    Holy crap, that's cheap! Where are you that you get electricity that cheap? (If you don't mind my asking, of course.) Like, right next door to a nuclear power plant or something? ;)

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  16. yamaha_1fan

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    i dont think i paid $100 even when i was single in a 1 BR apt. lucky bastard
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    Duuude I live in Southern California and I'm expecting my bill to go up about $180-190 a month with the addition of 1 1000W light, not even counting in all the fans I'll be running.

    35 cent base rate = :mad:

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    SEE YA WHEN YA GET HERE. :dance:
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    I'm new to this site, but I know someone who taps his power box, small drill out hole in the bottom and slip a small piece of wire to plug the meter from turning.

    That person keeps track of the meter reader days, takes it out a couple days before the time they check, it spins like crazy catches up with the amount that makes it seem normal useage.

    I have never done it, nor would I-lol but he puts out the pounds and it the best biggest setup I have ever seen before. With that kind of setup he raises over 3oo cloned females and crops each month.

    That guy has been able to do it for years that way, wow the money for his tomatoes thousands a month.

    Like I said it's that guy, not me. I don't do that kind of stuff.

    Cuddleup and smoke it.

    Ps. it takes a special drill bit or the glass will bust-ha ha. Not to easy to explain exept your mower slung a rock didn't it?
  20. BuddyLove

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    its easyer than that to "piggyback" your electricity supply ;)

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