How does a fat person get rid of pot in the body?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by themefrmmash, Aug 25, 2008.

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    I know that THC is stoed in the fat, which is why it can come up positive longer than any other drug, and am concerned that since I am overweight, that more would be stored in my syste. I don't have to take a test until the 20th of next month, but did use as recently as last night. Would it help me to take any fat burners to get rid of the fat, and get rid of the THC that way, or would it not work. Also, I know diuretics are recommended, and I take lasix every day for my heart, and would like to know how soon I should take the lasix and how much water to drink and what window I would have to take a test and come up negative.
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    How does a fat person get ridof pot in the body?

    Liposuction!! lol,, just joking!!

    Kidding aside, if you lose wt. it will release the Thc into your system. There are many threads on this subject and several last week with reports of how they passed, or did not. You may want to read the 'Drug Testing' section threads. So many different things and lots to read. And then if you don't have an answer, please come back! Either way, let us know what you decide and how things turn out!! Take care now! :jointsmile: :hippy: pr
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    Get some THC test strips online...3-5 day delivery. I got 25 for $30. Now if I could just remember where I put them?

    Then you can find out which side of the fence your on...:thumbsup:
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    Even if you don't lose weight, your body will eliminate THC metabolites, but on the average overweight people take longer than a person with the same smoking history who is at a normal weight or skinny.

    Fat burners would work if they actually helped you burn fat. If they worked, this country wouldn't be so obese.

    Diuretics are never recommended. If people are going to dilute, most of us recommend following the volume amounts in the dilution sticky and not try to add diuretics because they are unpredictable for most people and they can be tested for. With your valid prescription, you should take it as prescribed.
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    And its important to remind people that 75% of there thc metabolites are secreted through the stool. So thats why a high fiber diet and metamucil can help. The most reliable method for us chubby people is to just go with synthetic urine.
  6. cateyes

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    for me

    well for me I quit in may and did not toke again untill aug 5th about 5 tokes..I drank only water , low fat diet, lots of veggies ,lots of running and sweating,,I am overweight.. took cranberry pills and greentea pills along with milk thistle.. I drank a big glass of prune juice every day ..crapped like crazy..I bought the 5 panel drug test from walmart for 20.00 2 of them ..took it in the afternoon., the first one I peed midstream into the cup my urine was not diluted and it came up clean..the next day I took another one did not drink hardly any liquids that day did not do the midstream and it came up neg...I cant say all that I did will work for you.. But fat burning pills will not work... You should not smoke anything between now and then.. I get tested for probation.. most jobs will not monitor you pee.. so read the stickies.. If it is for probation you better use the dilution method posted and follow to a tee...Do not use masking agents or fake urine will get caught and good luck:cool:
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    why dont you just lose the fat in your body in the first place....
  8. spaceage7

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    Im pretty heavy myself dude. Im 6'3 290 pounds.
    I stopped smoking in mid May, had a drug test for a job I desperately needed on
    July 14th. About 3 days later they called me back and told me I tested positive for marijuana, so of course I didnt get the job.
    I still havent smoked since I stopped in May and I've been taking Niacin pills, drinking all kinds of tea, metamucil, whatever I can get my hands on that I think might help in cleaning me out. A few days ago I've also started working out, trying to sweat as much as possible.

    I bought 5 dipstick drug test from e-bay for 8 bucks, they came in the mail in 3 days.
    I did some experimenting with them.
    I used one and I got a faint line, faint but there.
    I used one on my sister who at the time had been clean for a month and her line came out a bit fainter than mine did. Shes also no where near as overwheight as I am.
    I used one on my girlfriend who still smokes everyday and she got absolutely no line at all, meaning of course she was very much dirty.
    I then used one on my cousin who doesnt smoke at all and her line came out very strong and solid.
    I used the last one again on myself and I got a line, but not as solid as my cousins line who doesnt smoke at all.

    I dont really have an answer to your question but I just thought id let you know my recent story. It is true THC will hang around your body longer if you have more fat on you.

    I also want to wish you the best of luck in your future endevours.
    I hope someday the government will make it ok for us to use a natural plant.
    Dont you guys just hate government intrusion?
  9. themefrmmash

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    Thanks for all the helpful info!

    I too am on probation and am able to be tested anytime I come in and make my monthly fine payment, they can ask me to take a urine test too, so that is why it is such a concern of mine. I am losing weight, but I didn't put it on fast and I'm not going to take it off fast. I am 'only' losing 1 to 2lbs a week, but I figure slow and steady will do it. I will have to be prone to being tested for 11 months. I did make my first of 12 payments last week, and thank goodness they didn't ask me to do a urine test then, because I should have taken that into consideration.

    I am going to a store tomorrow within driving distance that I know sells those 'clean urine' kits, and will see if they have the test strips too, and if not, will see where I can order them online. I already drink cranberry juice a lot since it does help the kidneys and take milk thistle for the liver..I will say this about the milk thistle, when I went to the docs last month for a retest since I had some liver abnormalities, and started taking milk thistle, I don't know if there was a correlation, but my liver function levels were much improved and actually in the 'normal' level.

    As is probably already obvious, I do have some physical ailments, and it was a doctor that suggested I try pot a couple of years back, and I have noticed that while it doesn't treat anything in and of itself, it does help quite a bit with some of my symptoms. :Rasta:
  10. killerweed420

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    Cranberry juice is supposed to be good for the liver and kidneys too.
    I would definitely check into getting some synthetic urine. Especially if your considering becoming an MMJ patient. Because randoms will be an ongoing issue.
  11. themefrmmash

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    What is MMJ???

    I went and got a fivepack test strip thing so when I get close to having to come in can see if it would show up in my system.

    And I really hate govt intrusion myself, in case it hadn't already been surmised, lol!
  12. Poisonouslovely

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    I was recently put on probation, and I am FAT! lol I am about 290 & 5"5. In my opinion all u can do is just quit! It took me well over five months before I started dropping clean! I quit in March and didnt start droppin clean until about July! I tried everything! The cranberry juice, water,Niacine, teas, and vinigar! None of that crap worked for me! I just had to stop and wait. I was drinking llitres of water a day and was still dropping dirty. Got put in jail three different times, went to rehab and everything! If ur on probation just STOP! I dont want anyone to go through what I have been through! I loooooooooovvvveee to smoke but its just not worth it. I hope you dont have it as bad as I did. Hopfully they will just let u do a rehab program, not that bad better than the alternative, jail! Good luck! Hope everything comes out okay!:)
  13. themefrmmash

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    Oh I know, I am taking too much of a chance, I just hate having to take pills for my pain that are more physically addicting than ganja is, but it's ironically enough probably what will end up least for the next 11 some months. Just enjoyed the last of my roaches by rolling them together into one seriously resinated joint, and will have to just chill on that for a while. Or maybe the day I go in to pay my fine and possibly get tested get high that night and then wait until the next month before doing it again..

    I guess I'm going to have to think it over when not so righteously buzzed.:Rasta:
  14. themefrmmash

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    Well, I had bought a test strip kit at a headshop the other week and couldn't figure out how to use the dang thing because I have never used heroin or opiates but no lines showed up anywhere, so I guess it was saying I was dirty for all of them? Anyway, the only ones that should have tested positive would have been the ganja and benzodiazepenes because I have a prescription for ativan, but there were no lines anywhere. I have decided that for the next 10 months I will just be staying away from the ganja..never done time and don't want to start.

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