How does Cannabis help you?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Migueltree, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Migueltree

    Migueltree Registered

    Most people who use cannabis use it for some sort of personal medicinal reason. How does it help you?
  2. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    Sleep better, food tastes better, laugh more, less chance of getting cancer or osteoporosis or Alzheimer's.
  3. twist n shout

    twist n shout Registered+

    I have severe degenerative arthritis in my whole body. Ive had my spine totally fused. More surgeries in the future. In my case weed has truly been a life saver. All the pain meds were no longer effective. A really strong indica does the trick for me.
  4. diche

    diche Registered+

    its given me access to thoughts not processable by a sober mind, great lafs, met many new people through weed, food tastes fill my body with an orgy of flavour, more artistic ability, and just a dam great time!
  5. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    i use it mainly for recreationaly purposes, but whenever I have a headache, pms symptoms, or just feelin a bit down, i smoke and feel muuuuuuch better!
  6. Matt the Funk

    Matt the Funk Registered+

    Stabilizes my mood.=]
  7. Chronic Chrissy

    Chronic Chrissy Registered+

    Being Pregnant and underweight it eliminated morning sickness and encouraged the intake of calories I needed. It made me stabalize horomonal tantrums and stimulated my daughter from inside the womb. She came out bareing weight on her legs and holding up her head. Now she is smart and alert.

    Now a petite woman breastfeeding it helps me eat enough to keep a little meat on my bones, not much but more than I would have otherwise.

    Now I use it to slow things down inside my head. I can listen to the tv and follow a show while reading a book in one hand and writing a grocery list with the other. It helps me unwind and relax. While I was taking classes it allowed me to concentrate on one assignment at a time insteady of doing three assignments at once and having a career research project on marijuana horticulture(my senior year) with spuratic paragraphs regaurding the anatomy of Hermaphrodites, lol. But that's what you get for typing and writing at the same time.
  8. lazy smoker7

    lazy smoker7 Registered+

    I get a better mood from it. I am also have naseau most of the fucking time and weed reallly really helps with that. Also i love the thoughts.. I appreciate nature more and just everything about life more. Music sounds better and helps me remember good times and makes me think alot of funny shit. I just love how it just makes everything better....
  9. VaporDaddy

    VaporDaddy Registered+

    When I get high I relax, de-stress and clear my mind.
    These are just a few of the benefits but what I've noticed is even when I am not high I am a more peaceful, centered person because of the lessons I've learned while stoned.
  10. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    weed helps me clear my mind, and to relax. I have arthritus in my ankles, but weed dopesn't help that..wish it did sometimes, all it does is distract from the pain, but sometimes it intensifies the pain, its weird..
  11. rabbitslayer

    rabbitslayer Registered+

    There is nothing better than getting a fat migraine and going outside and smokin some dank and feeling it just flow away... :jointsmile:
  12. jessem98

    jessem98 Registered+

    gives me the best feeling in the world.... well one of them :p
  13. Dopenologist

    Dopenologist Registered+

    So very true... :thumbsup:
  14. mikeo14

    mikeo14 Banned


    I also use cannabis because it helps improve my appetite and let me relax. :D
  15. CollegeToke

    CollegeToke Registered

    I work a sales job that requires me to handle hot calls (people that are interested, not the general public) and I work in Arkansas. Can you imagine the stereotypical Arkansan in a rural setting and myself trying to explain to them about how satellite internet works? Some days are really good and I have a lot of fun. Some days are pretty frustrating when you get the "good ole boys" who don't understand that bumping the dish while mowing will mess it up. With that preface, I work hard all day every day and I come home and walk my dog, call my girlfriend (go to college together, separated by summer break), and smoke a joint. I come back in and cook dinner for myself and my parents. Then I relax and read or something.

    It just makes me fully relaxed and allows me to show up the next day happy and ready to work. Seems harmless to me.
  16. blink_inc

    blink_inc Registered+

    I dont get angry about much.
    I eat more.
    I sleep better.
    I have a "quieter" mind.
    I am more comfortable.
    I can screw for hours.
    It goes well with beer.
    It releives stress.
    Doritos just taste that much better.
  17. kevinsquirrel77

    kevinsquirrel77 Registered

    makes me less angry and appreciate the ppl around me more. also :Rasta: helps me calm down when I study and allows me to understand more of watever im trying to a university student with a 3.9 GPA and if it wasnt for mj im confident i'd be in jail somewhere for beating ppl up when im drunk really helps even me out. HOWEVER,,,,its also the reason i spaced on the application dates for dental schools last year and now having to do another undergrad year and wait to be admitted again :p haha guess i'm staying stooooned for another year hehe..but shhhhh dont tell no one :)


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