how fast should a plant grow?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by adamsxm, Sep 16, 2008.

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    my plant started growing aug 28 and its only 6 inches has 2 oval leaves then 2 single and then a set of normal leaves very small.i live in st maarten and i think the heat might be messing it up.i put it outside during the day and at night i put it under my lamp,when i go to bed it stays on the counter.any tips would be great
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    Its impossible to say without knowing how you are growing m8.
    Lights etc. What state are the plants in? All leaves green without yellow etc.
    Post some info of your op and a pic or two of the plants.
    Or check grow log section and try to see how other peoples plants develop. You are bound to find a few grow logs from people using a similar setup as yours.
    If they broke ground from seeds on 28th august and look healthy it sounds quite ok though. The plants put a lot of energy into developing the rootsystem in the beginning and when they have a good rootsystem the growth generally just explodes.
    I'll add two pics from my growth as a reference but every setup and strain develop a bit differently and I also had a problem with a poison hut stealing some grow time for me in the beginning but as a rough reference for ya.

    Day 22 since sprouted:

    Same plants exactly 10 days later. Day 32 since sprouted.
    They grow fast he? :D I use 600W HPS and coco as medium and its White Widow.

    Anyway, go to the log section and look for a similar setup and maybe you can even find one that grow the same or a closelly related strain in it.

    Good luck

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    Dude how far is your light from top of plant? what kinda light?
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    what kind of soil are you using? When you place it outside.. does it get direct sunlight? If so for how many days?

    I'm guessing you have multiple problems occuring that are stunting your plants growth. You need to post this question in the plant problem forums and fill out the troubleshooting form for us to diagnose the problem more accurately.

    To answer your initial question:

    No one can tell you how big a plant should be at a certain again; just like people it will vary from individual to individual.. or in this case from plant to plant.
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    i used schultz potting soil plus.first gets sun all day except for the last 3 days it was raining. it was under a cfl 24 hrs a day.this is my practice plant until i get my seeds,but i would still like it to grow.
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    Your soil is probably stunting your plants growth. It is rich with nutes.

    What is the PH of the water you are using to feed it? Are you using tap water or distilled?
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    i cant get new soil till wednesday.i live on st maarten so im limited on the soil i can get. do you think ace soil would be ok?no idea about ph also wednesday.ive been using tap water and when its outside rain water.
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    You're doing a multitude of things wrong....

    1. You want a neutral soil or soiless mix. You can try promix or seedling starting soil that has no nutrients in it. This is essential.

    2. You MUST know the PH of your water.. and never feed with rain water. It contains many metals it picks up from the atmosphere and is rich in nitrogen. Which is not good for a young seedling. You wouldn't think it to be so, but it's true. your seedling has all the nutrition it needs inside itself for the first 3 to 4 weeks.

    3. You're bringing your plant in and out. Honestly pick one and stick with it. while this isn't necessarily harming your plant; it's not helping it either.

    You're nearly a month into your grow and your plant looks like it's 1 week old with some severe stretching. I would start over and start again after I gained a solid knowledge base.

    FYI: don't post plant problems in here. You should take it to the plant problems forums. I will not respond to anymore replies you post. We have a plant problems section specifically for this reason and you will get MUCH MORE help there.

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