how good is kief?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 420purpHAZE420, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. 420purpHAZE420

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    ive never really tried smoking kief, but im going to florida soon and i was thinking that mabe i should buy a grinder with a kief catcher, bc me and my friends are going to buy a ounce, which would give us a nice amount of how much better is kief then normal weed, is it really worth spending $30-$40 on a grinder?
  2. orange floyd

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    well if you dont grind the bud, then itll just be on the bud,and youll have a lot of nice bud. if you seperate the keif, then your left with less-potent bud and keif which you have to smoke with bud from what ive heard.
  3. 420purpHAZE420

    420purpHAZE420 Registered+

    i would usually break up the bud in my hands, so im probably losing kief...or my buddy has a grinder without a kief catcher, so id probably lose kief that was also
  4. mr_vega

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    i smoked some kief-hash last night that i made using Nochowder's sticky. o MAN it was really harsh to smoke. very dry, not that pleasent. im gonna just put it in a spliff instead.
  5. Jacop

    Jacop Banned

    IN my opinion.... NO. Plus when you have some of those hard core dealers come around you'll hear "Where i come from, we dont use grinders" lol
    KEif is overrated.
  6. Nochowderforyou

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    The kif all depends on the quality of cannabis it came from. If it came from Shagg weed, then the kif will be shaggish too, and won't be super great. If you shake kif from high quality smoke, then the kif you will get will be even better.

    So, if the weed you get the kif from is not so great, then the kif won't be so great, but I have shook kif before, and when you took a hit, it was like 6 hits at once, all to the head.

    Kif is good, if it comes from good pot. Bad pot=bad kief. It's a simple equation with a simple solution.

    I just use a coffee grinder to collect my kif. After I bust an ounce or so through there, I clean it, and it leaves me with a nice 1-2gram pile of kif, that I press into hash. Coffee grinder cost me $12.99 at Wal-Mart.
  7. PdoubleOTY

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    i do believe this is a false statement becuase most of the active cannaboids and stuff is IN the bud, keif is just the resin glands/crystals that fall off when you grind it..they are either gonna end up on your fingers/baggies/jars/or grinder, so why not smoke it if you can save it.The amount of potency you loose from grinding bud is not even noticeable
  8. ukmonkey

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    I smoked some kief once it was my mate who smokes a q a week and had stored it up for months, We just sprinkled a pinch n some baccy and skinned up an it was so fucking good! I was shaking! but i would nevr have the patence to save it little and often I say.
  9. JordaN23

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    okay for one thing fuck
    you dont lose the thc when you grind.
    whatever you touch the weed with loses the thc
    scissors start to get buildup of crystals, my fingers do. everything does.
    second kief is amazing. but it is yes very harsh so if you try to power hoot it your a noob
  10. couch-potato

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    Buy a grinder.

    The bud will burn smoother and more efficiently. The crystal loss is hardly noticable, and after a few days you'll get a nice surprise.

    Trust me bro it's worth it, I absolutely love my grinder
  11. funky not a junky

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    I dont particularly care for straight kief, it is definately a letdown, althought it lasts a long time. Btw i get kief from the club. It is not the type of high i desire IMO. However, kief in a fat joint will always help send you to the moon. Its your own decesion, grinders are worth it though.
  12. Tom Swierzbinski

    Tom Swierzbinski Registered

    Just to add to the 'grinders are great' theory...

    They are NOT great if you happen to buy some damp bud. Im talking damp bud, not wet, so its at least smokable. If you try and grind up damp bud, for some reason youll be left with a very small amount of ground-up bud at the end.
    They ARE great if you have dry bud. Not ridiculously dry that it crumbles in yer fingers, but dry so that when you grind it, it fluffs up nicely.

    WTF was the point of this post? Im not even stoned!
  13. EzRyder

    EzRyder Registered+

    Fucking amazing is right...I get fuckin chronic buds and always throw my bud in the grinder with the kief screen and it still smokes like chronic. I'll usually sprinkle sum kief on top a bowl or dip my cig into the kief pile for a lil buzz on the way to class..Im 110% for grinders with the could u not be?

    o ya and if ur getting damp weed or some dried up shit, hey man it aint the grinders fault.....u get poop weed!;)

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