how harmful is the gravity bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MedusaGrower, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. MedusaGrower

    MedusaGrower Registered+

    The gravity bong is my favorite way to smoke because it gets me really really high, obviously. It allows me to put more smoke into my lungs (and I think my stomach) than if I were to suck on a blunt. After I hit it I go into a coughing fit and sometimes come close to throwing up. I would like to know your thoughts on how the GB can damage your lungs and or other internal organs, if it does any damage at all. And if so, what kind of damage does it do exactly? I don't think the smoke could be hot enough to really burn your lungs badly since it sits in the bong for a little while before you take the hit... but it sure feels like it does... or maybe that's just all the smoke particles passing through the little pores of your lungs. I have been using the GB regularly for 5 years... off and on.... I will go a few months without using it at all and then another few months using it like every day. Huge GB rips are painful but is temporary pain the only consequence? Is forcing large amounts of hot smoke into parts of your lungs that blunt smoke doesnt get to a serious health risk or am I just being paranoid? Am I looking at a collapsed lung in the near future or some serious respiratory illness? cancer? Really, what are the long term consequences of the gravity bong? Smoking in a way that causes violent fits of coughing would have to be really bad for you right? life threatening?
  2. Candnloveweed420

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    nah, man if anything it's better for your lungs because the smoke is filtered by the water.

    if anything, take smaller rips so your lungs can handle the smoke easier.

    there have been studies done that marijuana does not increase the risk of lung cancer. so no, you wont get cancer from this.

    but for your lungs sake just take smaller hits
  3. voltabud

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    smoking weed in general is going to hurt your lungs, but thats a choice we make. so just dont take more than you can ahndle, when your lungs feel full jsut pull away. ahaha iv known a few guys that have passed out from using them, but they do get you stormed.
  4. hey im kind of a noob and im not exactly sure what a gravity bong is can anybody tell me?
  5. Matt the Funk

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    I don't think it filters the smoke at all....but for the most part you are right. I would take same size rips though. You probably won't get cancer from it, but you might have some adverse effects on your lungs/throat/etc. Maybe you should invest in a nice glass bong that can take nice big rips, or better yet, a vape.
  6. LiveHigh

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    yea it doesn't go through water at all.. unless you have some kind of a fancy gravity bong that i tried to invent but can't master the science.
  7. Gorlax

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    Yeah the Gravity Bong Will do that shit to you. Think of it as smoking an entire joint in one hit!! Well worth it and gets you mighty fucked up. The coughing and pain is a bitch sometimes and is something I think all of us can easily relate too haha...Maybe add alot of ice to the GB water.
  8. JaMakin07

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    HAHAHAHA the gravity bong is the most diabolical way to smoke, one hit is like taking a dime to the face , theres nothing more deliciously evil then that and now it can kill you
    HAHAHAA im roasted
  9. BUZz UK

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    The gravity bong (bucket) has become the most popular way for hardcore stoners to smoke almost overnight. The fact that you get hit like a freight train, at the cost of only a small bit of weed has made it number one for getting ripped.
    That's the truth...

    It can turn you from a light/moderate smoker, to constantly stoned. I think we're gonna have a generation of weed-crackheads because of this, haha...
  10. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    And i just hit one btw, hahahaha...
  11. yeah, add ice to the water, maybe take smaller hits
  12. dean0000

    dean0000 Registered+

    I wouldnt think they are any more dangerous than other methods of smoking. I dont really like hitting them anymore because they make me feel nausous.
  13. stonerkid1234

    stonerkid1234 Banned

    Alright so Ive smoked out of a g bong before It used to be the only way I smoked I know it gets you really high but am I the only one that thinks regular bongs get you higher cause with a g bong there is a set amount of smoke but with a bong you can hit it for as long as you want. Hope that makes sense im baked.
  14. dziendobry4

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    i wouldn't be terribly concerned with health problems and weed unless you smoke everyday. even then, i bet something else will kill you first. if you smoke bongs and bowls all day, i bet you'd be fine. blunts and spliffs tho, i dunno.

    either way, it's all about risk-reward. if you think it's too big of a risk and not enough reward, don't do it. i smoke because it brings me pleasure that is greater than any negative health effects (the few that there are) on me
  15. Johnny McPotSmoker

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    If they make you feel nauseous, thats kinda bad.. maybe you're swallowing smoke or something.

    Just don't fill the bottle up as slowly so there is less smoke, or get a smaller bowl.

    I'd rather take 2-3 solid hits than one where I'm coughing up a lung.
  16. V-DubLove

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    what does adding ice do to it? i've only smoked out of a pipe so i don't know too much about gravity bongs
  17. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    gravity bongs are harmful. they will kill you with crucial hits. but you will be high as fuck.

    adding ice will make the smoke cooler, and feel so much nicer in your lungs.
  18. MedusaGrower

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    so none of you all have any ideas on how exactly the GB damages your lungs? Like what exactly will happen if you hit the GB 8 times a day for 10 years? It's kind of difficult to make risk reward decisions when you don't know much about the risk. The only risk I know for certain is the temporary pain of taking huge hits, and if that's the only drawback then I will hit the GB for the rest of my life. But what I'm wondering, is if there is long term damage. Who cares about coughing fits and pain in the short term.
  19. dean0000

    dean0000 Registered+

    It will do to your lungs what it does to the bottle, line them with tar. Tar in your lungs can cause respiritory problems. Also even though a lot of people say you cant get cancer from smoking weed, I dont agree. Im pretty sure that tar from cannabis will be as much as much of a carcinogen as tar from tobacco. This doesnt just apply to g bongs though.
  20. that's why i don't like pipes as much, it's a harsher smoke, ice cools down the smoke and feels reeeeeaaal niiiiice;)

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