How hot is too hot???

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by iarbaman, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    My plants are having a hard time right now. During the day they look like have spent some time in the oven!!!
    But at the same time, next morning they look perfectly healthy:thumbsup:
    Is these ok, or it will delay flowering, or something like that???
    Thanks you all:Rasta:
  2. Just make sure the soil doesn't get bone dry.
  3. buddabusa001

    buddabusa001 Registered+

    where do you live? it should be fine just make sure the soil is nice a wet during the day and just wait
  4. Don't over water. Moist soil is better than saturated. Let it dry out in between watering, but not bone dry. Take a tooth pick to the soil..
  5. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    Fast drying weather!!!

    Every morning (9:00am) i water my plants, and as soon as 2:00pm the top 2 inches are already dry. And the plants look like shit!!! so i water them again!!!
    Ill see if in a couple of days i can post some afternoon pics, the ones below were taken in the morning!!!

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  6. kack409

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    they look healthy to me....keep it green :thumbsup:
  7. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    you need a bigger pot for those big plants. bigger pot will help cut down the everyday watering.
  8. TheMetal1

    TheMetal1 Registered+


    Holy shit that's a lot of (potential) pot for such a little pot ;)
    - I really don't like to refer to it as pot, but I couldn't resist

    Yeah... the roots are probably so dense in that thing you could keep dumping water in there 24/7 and it would keep chuggin :stoned:

    I wear a size 13 shoe... I would NOT be too comfortable spending much time in a ladies 6.... Nahh mean? Shit looks nice otherwise :thumbsup:
  9. brussels

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    Your plants should be fine. I've grown outdoors for several years here outside of Houston; and this year we've been over 95` since June. No problems. You don't mention if you have plates under your pots, if not, I recommend at least the plastic ones to help retain moisture. You can also use a fine mulch covering the soil. I just use the shredded paper from my shredder. One other point I might mention, is the direct sunlight they're getting; you only need 5 to 6 hours of direct sun light. You might experiment with this.

    As for interrupting flowering? I seriously doubt it, just follow your watering/feeding regimen, and nature should take care of the rest. My plants have just started flowering, and should finish early Oct.

    I manage to have two outdoor harvests a year however, because of the milder winters here in Houston. I have rooted clones by the first of Feb, and if the temps are to cold, I'll keep them under lights 20/4. Weather permitting, I'll take them outside for natural light <and electric bill savings>, and take them into the grow shed to finish the 20 hour light cycle each evening. By the middle of march, they're ready for full-time natural outside growth. The short springtime photo period throws them into flowering, with plenty of time to finish. Also, around the 1st of April, I'm starting my summer plants that finish in Oct.
    If I can figure it out, I'll post some of this springs photos...

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  10. lunarose

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    Hi, I grow in a hot dry area without much problems. It typically gets into the triple digits during our summers. As long as the plants are around two feel tall they can handle it seedlings not so much. I keep mjy girls in a greenhouse and because the GH retains moisture I only need to water them every other day but the two males I am keeping out in the open need daily watering. You can put a layer of perlite over your soil to help keep things cooler. Are you growing where you took the pictures? If so those cinderblocks/bricks do retain a lot of heat. They do look good.
  11. inbud

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    i agree your plants look great! tho like the guy said above the plants are kinda big for such small pots. You may want to repot them (before they start to flower) or just keep up the heavy twice a day schedual. i grow in pots too, and the temp today is over 105. I painted some of the pots white to keep the roots from getting to hot in the sun, but otherwise the heat dosent seem to bother them, but if they dry out...they wilt like crazy. I do get some shade tho on the garden bout 5pm or so. You have some real beauties there!
    Good Growin'!:hippy:
  12. buckyboy

    buckyboy Registered+

    My thoughts exactly.
  13. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    What you guys think???

    Should i give it a couple more weeks???
    It looks like it is not flowering anymore, maybe from heat stress???

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  14. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    Does it look ok???

    Need some help on what should i do, cause my babe should be flowering by now!!!

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  15. TheMetal1

    TheMetal1 Registered+

    The Answer...

    is in you my friend :hippy:

    If you are flowering completely outdoors, it depends on your local photoperiod. Unless you are growing an auto-flowering strain.
    If you are flowering in and outdoors for some reason... it's probably due to insufficient dark periods, causing re-veg (or just continued veg).
    I'm not real clear on your photos :Rasta:, but they look like pre-flowers... which won't increase in mass until the 12/12 photoperiod.

    But ehh... I'm :stoned:
  16. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    say uhhh???.....did you ever replant to a bigger pot?
  17. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    Not really Keeko!

    For my needs, it suits me well! Its a way ive found to control the size of my girls, cause i cant afford to have bigger plants.
    The first outdoor girl i harvested, weigh in almost 1/4 pound of ready to consume buds!!! These only gilr will pay my trip to Europe these Xmas:Rasta:
    Ive attached some pics from the harvest.
    Anyway, since i still have a month until i put some more plants outside, i guess i will give the present girls that time to reveal their real intentions. Or face the consequences:thumbsup:
    Catch you guys later!!!

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  18. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    What the f..k!!!

    That didnt grow in my balcony:stoned:
  19. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    well i gotta tell ya........get your girl in a bigger pot and she wont look so down and shitty on you... the pic you put up is of your LAST plant....not the current....give what the current plant needs....a bigger pot. :twocents:
  20. iarbaman

    iarbaman Registered

    Next girl, probably!

    Around 5 galons will be enough?

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