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    I currently have to take 2 ua's a week for my probation and I got ADHD so I am really hyper and dont like taking ritalin for it so I puff mad herb and found a way to pass piss tests and I even puff the night before I have to take the ua. I swear by this drink it has worked well over 20 times for me.
    The name of the drink is STRIP it is made from covert labs I think they got fruit punch and grape, grape is fucking horrible. I also get some of those precleanse capsules they are called detoxify pre cleanse caps, 6 yellow pills.
    YOu want to take the pre cleanse pills the day before and here is the way I do the drink
    dont eat atleast 4 hours before taking the drink, and drink abunch of water before also, you will want to drink the strip drink 2 or 3 hours before you have to take the ua, I drink mine 2 1/2 hours before that seems to work good. Then after you slam the strip drink down you want to keep drinking lots of water and piss as much as you can in the timeframe before the ua. If you piss at least 3 or 4 times in that couple hours you will be good to go but the more you piss the better. After your first few pisses your pee will start to look like a neon green almost I am pretty sure that is when you know it is safe to pee in a cup. well I think I covered it all I promise you this works every single time and I cannot afford to fail another ua but I refuse to stop puffing and now I dont have to cuz this truely works every single time good luck
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    Again, the dilution method, drinking lots of fluids. Most if not all of these detox drinks or pills are a big waste of money because they tell you to use them and drink lots of water with them. The water lowers the concentration of THC metabolites in your urine below the cutoff. Nothing can magically clean you out or mask the THC metabolites in your urine. People should read the dilution thread. Before they started testing for creatinine clearance I used the dilution method. Now I sub and have passed close to 75 tests. Also are these instant tests or lab tests?
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    The dillution thing does work but like you said they check the creatine levels and if I just dillute my pee by drinking ass loads of water then my creatine levels arent right and its just as bad as failing, at least with my situation cuz it's for probation. But to answer your question if its a lab test yes it is a lab test at least most of the time its random sometimes he gives me instant ones and sometimes he sends them in cuz if he sends them in he can test to see if I have drank any booze in the past 82 hours. I agree with you that most those drinks are bogus as hell but I am telling you I have done alot of research on what you can and cant do to pass ua's and I have tried pretty much every method there is and alot of the drinks. Most drinks dont work but I swear the strip does work without a doubt, I have had times were my stomach just couldnt handle drinking lots of water so I just take the strip drink a couple hours prior to the test, maybe I will drink a glass or 2 of water first or sometimes I will just drink a couple cups of coffee, then after taking the strip I drink a bottle of evian and I still pass. and I am sure you would agree that I cannot dillute my pee enough to pass if I only drank a couple cups of coffee and a bottle of evian. So that goes to show that this strip drink does in fact work to help you pass even without completly dilluting your pee. I know that there is no other way in my opinion that I am able to puff tough the night before my ua's and still pass without that strip drink it truely does wonders. I just wanted to add that I hope I didnt come off sounding like I think your wrong or sounding like a prick, I dont really know if I did or not but thought that it could possibly come off sounding like that and want you to know that was not intention
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    No actually you didn't come off as a dick but I will say that you shouldn't promise people it worked (in another thread)just because it worked for you. You should keep it to things like "this worked for me." You still can't say it was the strip for sure that caused you to pass because for it to be a true scientific experiment, you can only change one variable and you are changing many variables. You can't know for sure which one caused you to pass if you are changing more than one variable. So your conclusion that since you passed while doing multiple things to alter your urine (coffee, a diuretic, then increased water intake, and the detox) you can't say well see that proves the strip worked. Plus, if you read other posters you will find those that have failed using strip alone or strip and dilution. ALso, about the creatinine clearance, in order for creatine supplements to work to raise this they must be taken at least 24 if not 48-72 hours before the test. The creatine found in a detox drink that is supposed to be taken 4 hours before the test is useless. ETG is the test for alcohol going out 80 hours.
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    I have never used a creatine supplement before, I have just drank a ton of water to dillute my pee before it was awhile ago and when I pissed my po said right away that he thinks I dilluted my piss cuz it looked like I pissed water and he sent it in to the lab when the results came in I passed the ua but my creatine levels were so low I got in trouble cuz it proved I dilluted my piss, I didnt get violated for it cuz obviously he cant violate me for low creatine levels but he just started being more of a dick and sneaky. and you had said something about doing multiple things to alter my urine like the coffe and stuff. I wasnt meaning that I was drinking coffee to alter my piss, when I mentioned that I was meaning that I didnt drink enough water or anything to have dilluted my system. I meant it as I have passed a few of my ua's before by only drinking the strip, not by drinking a bunch of coffee and water also I was mentioning the coffee cuz I had not drank a bunch of water before taking the strip like I usually do I just simmply had my morning cup of coffee or 2 and then I drank a bottle of evian after taking the strip just to be able to pee a couple times before my ua. That is why I had said that that proves that the strip worked because usually I do drink a bunch of water before and after drinking the strip usually but a few times I didnt and I only drank my morning cup of coffee which was like an hour or so before I had to drink the strip, then after the strip I only drank a bottle of water just so I could pee a few times before the ua. so thats why I said the strip works because a cup of coffee and a bottle of water is not enough to dillute my piss, I know coffee is a diuretic and it is supposed to make you piss alot but I only had a cup to wake up and it I couldnt have passed just by drinking a bottle of evian there is no way. so since I passed the ua and I didnt increase my water intake and I didnt drink coffee to make me pee alot but just to have my morning cup of joe, wouldnt that mean that the strip did in fact work and was the reason I passed? I do usually drink alot of water before and after just to be safe but there has been times like the time I just explained where I just wasnt up to drinking all that water and relied on just the strip to do the trick and it worked and I definetly puff tough as hell and I am talking about puffing nyc diesel and trainwreck/afgani cross so its not like I am just smoking lightly or low grade herb, I would usually be off the charts if I did fail and passed by only drinking the strip and 1 bottle of evian that would mean it had to be the strip
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    how much are u spending on all those shakes theyre like 40 bucks a pop around here
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    I yep I got more money then will power. actually it is spendy buying one twice a week but I dont know if I mentioned it above but I got ADD really bad and so its almost like my medicine, I havent taken ritilin since I was a kid but herb definetly does the trick.
  8. I got the Covert Labs extra strength 1 softgel that's supposed to clean you out. Does the pill work better than the drink? It seems by reading that it works for some people and not for others.
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    yo limestone888. im on probation to and i got a test on wendesday and i smoke everyday and i smoked last night. ur sure the strip shit will work, and also what pills are u talking about taking like a day before the test. gimmie good advice. thanks
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    covert labs strip nc.

    soo i took one of the pills about a week ago & it's been about 2 weeks since i've smoked...will i still be able to pass my drug test tomarrow?
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    What are yu puffing man, are yu sure it's weed?

    Just joking.... Good for yu:thumbsup:
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    I have had luck with a similar drink called Ready Clean using the same methods as you mentioned. I passed a drug screening at a clinic when I got a DUI and I passed a DOT test a couple years later using this method. I am awaiting my third test right now and am hoping for another success story.
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    yesterday i thought i was going to take a drug test so i took a herbal cleaner and then it happens that i didnt take the test .

    so i did it for nothing today im going for real and i havent eaten anything sence yesterday morning and havent smoke in like 2 days but i smoke like almost every 2-3 hrs and was wondering sence i took the cleaner yesterday and i take the strip today would it increase my chances of passin im going to follow the step that limestone888 posted?

    but im drinking alot of water right now and im peeing clear when i take the strip i have to wait untill the piss comes out yellow right?
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    with the dilution method how long does it take to pass a home test for someone that is 145 6'0 and has smoked heavy for about 5 years?
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    Just goes to show that "detox cleansers" are a big scam.

    If they do work for an individual, its because of the dilution factor associated with the drink and not the drink itself.

    Dilution techniques in any configuration (N2 method, magic detox potion, etc) are a hit/miss endeavor. They can and will backfire if the THCA concentration in the bladder is too high. For most longtime daily users, its virtually impossible to dilute their THCA concentration without overdiluting and raising red flags at the lab.
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    now thats funny... can't go off of what anybody says... all the sure-jell and niacin myths... they're all put to shit when you fail...
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    id agree with the guy who posted this thread, last year when i was in treatment i bought these drinks and passed all my UA's i even was setting off to pretty much test the drink and i smoked everyday for 4 days and the night before my test and i still passed all my UA's, wether it was a miracle or not, i believe the strip worked, but it sucked payin 50 bucks a bottle for some of the sickest drink ever
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    Detox drinks = an overpriced Dilution method in-a-bottle

    You couldve saved that $50 and accomplish the same thing utilizing N2s Dilution method.

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