How I passed a Medtox drug test with Ureasample

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by dziendobry4, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Okay so I ordered the basic kit from that comes with the freeze-dried human urine, a vial, and 2 hand warmers. I found a 15% off coupon on Google so I think I paid about 40 total.

    I paid for the cheapest shipping but they sent it 2 day air for some reason...hey I won't argue.

    On the day of the test, I shook up a handwarmer about an hour before to get it warmed up. Then I FOLLOWED THE PROVIDED INSTRUCTIONS and taped the handwarmer to the vial of urine I had mixed with bottled water (our tap water is shitty here). I put this between my balls and ass, aka the taint or perineum to keep it warm. The temp was between 90-100 degrees as confirmed by the sticky thermometer that comes with the kit and the drug test people's thermometer (same exact one as mine). As soon as I got in the room, I shut the door and dumped my substitute sample into their jar and put the vial back in my taint. I peed a little in the water, gave them the sample, and just found out today that everything was fine.

    So, I highly recommend this product. It worked for me with Medtox, a huge lab. You can do the same exact thing with a clean friend's pee too. Just make sure the temp is between 90-100...most important thing.

    This product might not be so great for randoms because you have to mix and warm it up, but if you know when your test is, then you're good.

    DO NOT EVER LET YOUR TEST BE WATCHED! They can only do that for government/court/military shit. I've never had any problems with this (shit I could've rubbed one out with the privacy they gave me lol) but I've heard about other people from the company being observed.
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    Happy to be a member of the sub club :D
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    oh when i say I peed a little in the water, i mean the toilet
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    just wondering when you ordered from there, i saw a post on yahoo answers two months ago that their site was down and someone said they got busted. I'm scared to order from there now
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    I ordered it in early June...maybe around the 7th? I had absolutely no problems with them (shit, they upgraded my shipping from 7-10 day to 2-day air for free) and I would assume they are still legit now.
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