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    just got the word that i passed, so i thought i would come back here and let all of you know how. most of the information that i will post came from this message board, but everybody is in slightly different situation in terms of body type, frequency of use, etc.


    i am pretty active and fit, so i don't have a lot of body fat, however i am on the larger side (6' 205 lbs). i'm not sure if the percentage of body fat is what's important, overall size, or both.

    i had smoked 5 days prior to the test, two weeks prior to that (all weekend long), and a week prior to that (very heavily all weekend long).

    i got about 8 at home THC tests. took the first one about 2 days prior to the test (3 days after smoking) and tested positive. drank enough water to where i was pissing clear and often and took another one and tested negative.

    day of test:

    ate a small breakfast and no lunch (test was at about 3 pm). ate one high potency multi vitamin.

    drank lots of water all day, not copious amounts, but always sipping on some.

    about 2-3 hours prior to the test drank some detoxify xxxtra clean and then filled the empty container up with water and drank that (per the instructions on the bottle). continued to sip on water the rest of the time (and ate another high potency multi vitamin) before the test and pissed at least 3 times prior to taking the actual test. did another at home THC test on the piss immediately prior to the one for the test and came up negative with flying colors.

    i think the keys to dilution are as follows:
    1. you have to be clean for AT LEAST 2 days prior to the test, and it helps if you weren't smoking every day prior to that.
    2. buy the at home test and expirament with them at home to get an idea of how much liquid you need to drink to come up clean.
    3. take supplements so that your piss does not appear diluted. b vitamins will help color the piss yellow, and the "detoxify" drink will add creatine back into your piss (the labs sometime test for this if they suspect dilution as diluted pee will have too little creatine).
    4. timing is important. if you wait too long, your piss will not be dilluted, try and shoot for 2.5 to 3.5 hours after you dillute to take the test.
    5. try and give them pee from midstream (rather than the first bit or last bit of pee that comes out).

    hope this helps, and good luck!
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    This better work because I'm gonna try it when it comes time for me to take a drug test lol.

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