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  1. bigducky79

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    I am growing in a reg. sized bedroom closet. About how long before i should send the plants into flowering stage. Also I plan to clone the plants and grow a seperate batch so i can flower the clones before I actually flower the main plants. How long would someone recommend growing the clones before sexing them?
  2. notorious P.O.T

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    if the main plant that your cloning from has reached maturity (alternating nodes) then you can flower your clones as soon as they root because they have the level of maturity as the mother... i hope this helps you ... oh yeah and i have heard of people flowering as early as 3 weeks.. so good luck...
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    if you veg your mother plants till they are sexually mature they will show their sex in veg,then you can take the clones from the female and toss the males.then you could flower the mother plants and start vegging the clones

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