How long before my plants are ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by saeteurn, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Me and my friend started planting in the middle of May. I'm the newbie. He does most of the work and teaches me along the way. Anyway, my plants are now about 3 feet tall. They get about 12 hours of sunlight and we water them twice a day because of how hot it gets here. Any estimates from experienced growers as to when the plants are ready to harvest? Thanks a lot in advance.
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    The given information doesn't help to predict when your harvest day is going to be. What region do you live in? Do you see any signs of flowers?

    No experienced grower will be able to tell you when your harvest day is, trust me, I have three outdoors under my belt. If you live in the states or Canada, you should hold on tight, flowering doesn't start until August/Early September, and harvest doesn't come until late September to sometime in October.
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    Hope You're "Feeding" them with their H2O Saeteurn! Outdoor Grow, eh? twelve hours of sunlight? O.K.; Depending upon Strain; would be your answer to "when" they're "ready"!
    You're NOW in vegetative state; next comes Flowering state; then harvest state,etc..(state of whatever); I'm growing from SEED; two Strains from SOHUM;
    Kona and Hula Buddha; both well established and hardy strains. Kona begins Flowering at 8 weeks; PRESUMING your vegetative state has been premium; i.e. that you've FED your plants What about Pests? Outside pests?? Sounds to me you've got at least another month until Flowering begins or ends! Then you've got to harvest! Use The Internet!;
    You-tube has a bunch of films on how-to; You must register first though!
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    I live in the U.S. Northern California. Hot place. The plants are grown from clones and the white "hairs" or whatever you call them are showing in most of them. Thank you for the information
  5. saeteurn

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    Thank you. I've tried doing some research but they never have exactly what I'm looking for. My plants are from clones and the white hairs or whatever you may call them are showing already. but thank you for the info.

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