How long did it take for you to get your results (latest)?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ShwaggyDoo, Sep 20, 2007.


How long did it take to get your results?

  1. 1-2 days

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  2. 3-4 days

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  3. 5-10 days

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  4. 11 or more days

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  1. ShwaggyDoo

    ShwaggyDoo Registered+

    Positive or negative. Also, the facility or method used.
  2. ShwaggyDoo

    ShwaggyDoo Registered+

    Is it that hard to put in a reply or your vote?

    Seriously people, 20 views and no replies and only 1 vote.

  3. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    I've had over 20 pre-employement and random test.Its always been in about 3 days,usually with labcorp.

    So does that mean I can vote 20 times?
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  4. ltz450r

    ltz450r Registered

    labcorp always negative
  5. Overcast72

    Overcast72 Registered

    ok - I've failed twice.

    In both cases the MRO contacted me. To ask if there was a reason I came up positive for THC metabs...

    If you don't hear anything in 3 days, you *should* be golden.

    I can tell your nervous bro and I feel your pain :)

    I'll be shakin' like a leaf tomorrow. I have QF 4.0, but I know it's a partial physical too, I lucked out and scheduled it for Friday - Jeans day at work, that will make concealing it a lot easier. I'm just worried they'll have me in a gown - so for that, I'm wearing some regular briefs, packin' the QF and then boxers over that. I hope to HELL that does the trick - this test will change my life - one way or the other :what:

    You know - I had a thought too - even thought I'm broke...

    To keep that QF in place - why not use a bandage :)?

    What really annoys me is that I went since may without a toke - got a small baggie, and they pop this on me a week later. I *might* straight up piss clean, but I have no idea - so I'm gonna risk 'insurance'.

    QF is 100% in my experience, if you get past them accepting the sample.
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  6. ShwaggyDoo

    ShwaggyDoo Registered+

    My very first drug test results:

    Facility: LabCorp
    Method used: Dilution (aspirin/bvitamin/liquid, approx half-gallon before test)
    Result: Negative-Dilute
    Time for result: 2 days, LabCorp is quick with negatives.

    My employer was nice enough to allow a retest, I will see how that goes.
  7. ltz450r

    ltz450r Registered

    My latest drug test:

    Facility: Lab Corp
    Method: Hair follicle testing (I used the Testin Products with KOKOPELLI and SPIKE)
    Result: NEGATIVE
    Time: 5 days

  8. cheeseburgerGUY

    cheeseburgerGUY Registered

    tested friday - results subitted to emplyer monday.
    used there any other way?!?!?!!?
    test = negative!!!!!
    facility = labcorp
  9. Iguana

    Iguana Registered+

    When I get tested I'm not notified of a negative, so I can't make a reply to your vote. 3 tests, no replies. Still working.
  10. giggy

    giggy Registered+

    concerning labcorp preemployment drug they always contact you to let you know you passed? I mean, they assume you're going to pass...right? im just a little worried cus I tested on thursday and its now tuesday night...
  11. DaDUDE

    DaDUDE Registered

    I got tested 7 days ago. Haven't heard anything. The test was on my 2nd day of work... I've been sweatin' it this whole time... I encourage anybody who is reading this to actually post your experiences!

    4 the record...
    piss test
    SAP 5-50 GC/MS
    Quest Diagnostics
    7 days and counting, no response

    I'm not so much worried about a positive as a neg.-dilution. I drank like 80 oz Gatoraid the morning of the test. Creatine supplement 48 hrs before test, b-2 and asprin and tums.... If I ever hear anything I'll post again with a more detailed account of my experiences...
  12. vandal

    vandal Registered

    OHH man

    I am shitting bricks....I got brave and decided not to sub..I had been clean for over 30 days and drank a 32oz q carbo 2 hours before the test. I took the test fridat at Labcorp @ about 1pm and it is now wed 3:30pm and I havent heard anything yet. This will be a life changing job for me and I need to know!!!! lol..I dont belive they tell you if you pass, only if you fail....
  13. DaDUDE

    DaDUDE Registered

    OK, 8 days now and I haven't heard anything. The nurse who collected my piss said I would "get a memo in a few days". Has anyone ever heard of going this long without a hearing anything and then failing? At least a few people answered 5-7 days or longer on the poll... did those people pass or fail or get inconclusive results/retest? I'm feeling more confident as the days go by, but I'm not confident enough yet to hit the binger! I see the views on this thread going up, but not so many posts, c'mon people. I'll buy you an ice cream if you post!
  14. jeffman

    jeffman Registered+

    Bro Theres not much to post. Our resident expert seems to be MIA.

    I would guess that after all these days it could go both ways. You could have passed and they decided not to tell You...Or (and remember You keep asking) You failed and they sent it for more test. See!!! We can only guess.

    Now do You really want answers from people who guess??
  15. giggy

    giggy Registered+


    It would have been much sooner (actually the day after) if I would have called myself, which actually I did. I was bugging out so bad today I called Labcorp (where I tested) and asked them my results. So I talk to them and they transfer me to customer service whom has the results right in front of their face but still can't tell you, so they recommended calling the actual Attending Physician so I did that and spoke with them and was able to get my results which were NEGATIVE!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :jointsmile: :jointsmile: :jointsmile: :hippy: :hippy: :hippy: The results were actually ready the day after I tested and I could have called earlier if I had known. The number was on the CoC form my employer sent me (they usually keep one copy and give you a copy). They also said that the attending dr's office always trys to contact the donor if there is something wrong with the sample (testing positive). :Rasta:
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  16. giggy

    giggy Registered+

    the main reason why I didnt hear sooner was because a) the HR department where I will be employed has been "behind" and b) tested "negative"...
  17. n1nj4

    n1nj4 Registered+

    Took a while. I ended up getting a job before the pre-employment test for another job came back. Kinda funny, cause I worked hard for 2 weeks of no smoking just to work somewhere better with no testing.
  18. vandal

    vandal Registered


    I have constant butterflies in my stomach...the suspense is killing me...Im supposed to start in 2 weeks and still no response from these people if Im a go or not!!
  19. raven in your ear

    raven in your ear Registered

    Psychomedics lab
    Method- hair follicle ( body hair armpits)
    results-- FAILED tested positive not for recent use but for use/exposure 7 MONTHS AGO!
    time- Via concentra 1 bussiness week.. 7 days

    BTW.. relax if you havent heard from them( the labs) within 1 week of taking the exam.. it probally means you've passed the Urine test.. most of the time you wont even hear from them..

    UA's only take 3 bussiness days to complete.
    hair exams take 1 week( due to the 5 days the metabolites have to grow during the process)

    UA's are a breeze to pass and they'll call you in about 3-4 days (during the morning hours so if you need to get back on your job search you wont waste a full day waiting by the phone)

    they only contact you if you test positive or just above the cutoff level.
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  20. Veratyr Star

    Veratyr Star Banned

    I've been drug tested twice for job interviews. One was a piss test and the other was a cotton swab test.

    Both took around 7 days to get results.

    Passed both of them as well:thumbsup:

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