how long do i let my plants bud?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 420bob69, May 6, 2010.

  1. 420bob69

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    i am wondering what the typical time to let my plants bud. i have been budding for about 2 weeks now and am supper anxious. i would appreciate hearing how long you let them bud using florescent lights.
  2. bigsby

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    Do you mean that they have been in flower (12/12) for two weeks? Sit back. Relax. You only have 4 - 8 weeks to go! It is strain and environment dependent. Look at the nOOb guide stickies on these boards. You'll find all kinds of useful information there.
  3. irydyum

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    Don't get anxious, your fluoros may need an extra week or so compared to HID grows. Look for 9-10 total if you can keep em healthy long enough:thumbsup:
  4. G13budsmoker

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    lol relax...good bud takes patients. yes most plant take between 8-10 weeks to fully mature. dont go off of "hairs" this doesnt tell you when a mother is fully matured. if you can get a cheap magnifying glass do so, start checking the trichomes, they will go through three stages. stage one they will be clear. then as they start maturing they will turn milky white, this signifies that harvest is around the corner. the last stage is when they turn amber, this tells you that the buds are fully matured and ready for havest. harvest when more then +50% of them are amber. a fully mature trichome has a better effect =ing better bud. hope this helps ya out!!!!

    happy smoking!
  5. Buckten

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    If it didnt help him i learned something from that. good advice and good luck 420bob
  6. krisk1227

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    when there are rusty trichromes. I place 100 bucks that they wont make it past 6 weeks flowering. He is anxious... We have all done it when we were nubies
  7. 420bob69

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    damn my plants are gonna be big! they are almost 4 feet tall already! guess i will have to start germinating some more seeds to keep me busy. thanks for the info.
  8. bigsby

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    They are only 2 weeks into flower and they are 4 feet tall... Depending on the strain they will grow by at least another third. If they are a strong growing stavia they could double and even triple in size! If the leaves are narrow and skinny then you have a stavia dominant strain. If they are broad and leafy then you have an indica dominant strain. Most indicas do not grow nearly as big as their stavia cousins. If they are stavias you may end up having to cut them down. If they are indicas you will be OK if you start tying down the main stalks. I recommend you start learning about and implementing Low Stress Training (LST). If you are going to LST you need to do it now. Two more weeks and it will be too late. You will also want to do some thinning / pruning if you haven't already. Read this tutorial. It will help you. Post up some pictures.
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  9. 420bob69

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    here is some pics of my plants. tell me what you think so far. thanks a ton.

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  10. 420bob69

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    whoops sorry i didnt turn the pics the right way.

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