how long do seeds last?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by fuzzylogic, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. fuzzylogic

    fuzzylogic Registered+

    I have a ton of seeds from a pound I picked up about 2 months ago (more than 100). My question is, how long are these seeds good for? I plan on planting them in the spring and keeping them indoors until they are decent size then moving them outdoors to finish growing. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. LOC NAR1958

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    My cousin gave me 2 fem Northern light seeds that ikept for 2 1/2 years. One germed one didn't. I have bag seed that are over 5 years old and they germ. Keep in an air tight container in the dark. Watch out though there are little bugs that will hollow out the seed when they eat. If you get those there all gone.
  3. Harvesthetic

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    At a friend's house, we found out his mother used to smoke pot in her old hippie days. In the attic, we found ten seeds that were apparently over 15 years old. (after asking his mum) They weren't even correctly stored, but after germination five of them sprouted, we put them in the garden, laughing a bit, thinking that of course none would survive. Little did we know that two of them were indeed female, and we had a little harvest. :)
    But the real "expiration date" of seeds, well that's for the expert to share with us.
    My advice: TRY 'EM! (but watch out when transporting to outdoor environment, they might need a little more care)
  4. ganjaman67

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    I,ve just sprouted some 1 year old seeds :thumbsup: .I bought a packet of jack flash seeds 16 seeds for 99 euros from Sensi Seed Bank Amsterdam 3 weeks ago and all have failed kin gutted :mad: any1 else had results from seeds bought at the above establishment :smokin:
  5. kongo

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    got skunk no1 same thing happened.but i got some feminized from D passion and they were fine.
  6. Harvesthetic

    Harvesthetic Registered+

    Ow ganjaman, i'm afraid you just got very unlucky. :s Sensi Seeds normally stand for quality products, and you've made a fine choice in my opinion. (Jack Flash = thumbs up)
    I take it your germination surroundings were under control?
    If so, better luck next time 'fraid to say :s
  7. ganjaman67

    ganjaman67 Registered

    yes Harvesthetic I put some seeds i got out of a bag of skunk a year ago in at the same time as the flash and in the same prop chamber and they've sprouted fine :dance:
  8. fuzzylogic

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    In general how long does it take for the plant to fully mature and ready to pick the buds off?
  9. ganjaman67

    ganjaman67 Registered

    fuzzy there are several factors including which strain you choose to grow, whether you go hydro or soil, which light system etc I've heard as little as 3 months mentioned but mine allways seem to take much longer than that but they are well worth the wait :stoned:
  10. mightymarijuanabuds

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    everything is highly variable.. mostly by strain, but other factors make a difference too

    a small percentage of seeds will lose thier viability over the years, no matter how they are stored.. if you have more than just a couple seeds then most of them should germ even after years of storage
  11. ganjaman67

    ganjaman67 Registered

    further to this post 3 of the above flash seeds have now decided it was the right time and have germinated :dance: time to try cloning when they're big enough :thumbsup:

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