How long does a seedling take to brake ttrough the soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DonSmokin, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. DonSmokin

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    I germinated my seeds and there in pots a week now,
    how long does it normally take them to brake through the soil??
  2. invision

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    it depends some seeds take up to two weeks but usually one week or so keep an eye on things that all
  3. BLaQLiGhT

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    Next time, use the paper towel method. Put the seeds in the paper towel and keep it wet and warm. I guess germed 2 seeds 2 days ago and they poped in about 36 hours. Then I put them in soil (not to deep) and the next day, they were showing their 2 little leaves. When the sprout has pointed up, you can then add more soil around it so that it won't bend over and die. Good LuCk :thumbsup: ...
  4. mrberrys

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    ye i would take the above advice and put them in a paper towl to germ.. n ye if they have been in the pot for 1 week then expect them to pop out any time now.. just try to get them under light soon as u can after they sprout to prevent them from streachung to much.. happpy growin to you brother:thumbsup:
  5. Now that you posted, they will start popping out :) Same thing happened to me on my first grow. How deep did you plant them? You can water them with a spray bottle and that will help speed them up. I agree that they will be popping out very soon.
  6. DonSmokin

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    yeah i used the paper towel method, i have them in pots 8 days and still no sign of them popping up yet, have the bottle spray too.
  7. mrberrys

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    hey there donsmokin all i can say is .. chill relaxe and have faith.. im sure ur seeds will pop out soon.. treat them well and they will treat u with endless buzing nights:thumbsup:
  8. the image reaper

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    or, they died ... :smokin:
  9. Make sure the pots are warm. If the soil is around 80 degrees and you water the seeds, it's basically fool proof. I don't think it matters much if you water before or after planting the seeds, as long as you give them a good intial watering cause of air pockets. I water after planting them and I've never had a problem. I did about 100 tomato plants from seed this spring. Keep them warm and moist and they will pop out. It is common for seeds to take 1-2 weeks to germinate. Don't give up on them, just keep trying to improve their environment. Let us know when they pop out.....
  10. BobBong

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    Pots warm, soil not so warm.
    Humidty and ambient air temps make a good seedling.
    To much heat will just cook the seeds.
  11. DonSmokin

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    they broke trough this morning, are they supposed to look like this when they brake through??

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  12. invision

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    yup she will straiting out in a day or so and a new set of leaves will grow in fast at this point keep the light a little back until she has a few sets of leaves then you can lower it to your needs remember no nutes until 3 weeks from now and use only 1/8 to a 1/4 strength of some 10-0-0 that will get her leaves growing nicely

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