how long does it take for 1 blunt to stay in the system

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by alwayzhigh, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. alwayzhigh

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    basically all i wanna know is around how long does 1 blunt stays in the body for someone who hasnt smoked in like 3 or 4 months and is about 125 pound and then smokes 1 fat blunt?
  2. Left

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    how tall are you. if your 2 foot 2 and 125 (probably 2 foot 2 wide in that case) it will take probably 5 or more days. If your slim and have a high matabolism then it could be un detectable by drug test the next day. I would say 3 and your good if you havent smoked in 3 or 4 months. If you smoke more often it will take longer for all the metabolites to be flushed out and could take up near a month.
  3. chris40

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    30 days.
  4. Left

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    you must be high as shit. Sure certain levels of thc matabolites may still be in the body at 30 days but not enough to test positive in his case.
  5. jay42

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    From what I understand it very well could be 30 days. Or a week. Everyone reacts differently.
  6. Left

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    Very good. but he gave details that must go into account. He gave body weight--125. he is smoking bud so he is probably at least(well go conservative) 15. I would guesstimate that average height for that age is probably 5'5'' giving him around an average metabolism. He hasnt smoked for 3-4 months so his metabolite level would be zero. The size of the blunt is irrelivant because he did not use a specific number it almost insures it wasnt one that would last more than an hour to smoke(like the ounce blunt i rolled over the weekend-hour 26min-) so the saturation of his blood with thc most likely reached the maxamum one time. Myself i would guess he plays a type of school sport and that is why its been 3 or 4 months but there is no evidence to support it but it would also shorten his time testing positive. Given all this information and that most people know the obvious drinking lots of water and urinating as many times as they can before the test, a reasonable person could clearly see that this person should be clear in no more than a few days. Of course everyone reacts differently but collectivly as a species all of us react simillarly in respect to natural human processes such as matabolism, as well as other things like brain activity, and digestion. Its why the term healthy exists. I suppose that like shit when your constipated thc matabolites could stay in the body for an extended and undesired amount of time.
  7. alwayzhigh

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    thx left..

    thx u all for ur answers....specially left..that shit u wrote helped me easy my mind test is tomorrow for a gonna be 45 days since the last time i smoked that hopefully ill be ok...ill let u guys know..
  8. KOZMO

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    you are fine
    and if you don't smoke everyday give it about a week and you will be fine
  9. chris40

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    My bets are on you failing it. So be sure to let us know.
  10. Chronic.Tonic

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    Dude 45 days?! You really don't need to worry about one measly blunt. I smoke almost every day and could pass a test in 45 days if I up and quit right now.

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