How long does it take for a weed plant to grow?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by EternalEnemy, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    No, no links, please. I can find a lot of growing guides, i just need a simple answer, because its much faster if i just ask quickly instead of reading through 15 pages about growing to finally find some mention.
    I mean, how long does the plant need to grow until its got something harvestable, or a little more than some?

    What i mean very simply is, i plant a seed inside and water it and crap like that, how long does it take from that point before i will have weed?
  2. enthused

    enthused Registered+

    3ish months or around there i believe

    have fun with males and dead plants tho
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  3. ThePurpleMan

    ThePurpleMan Registered+

    yea ur looken at around 4 months and depending on where u are its too late to grow ur plant...
  4. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    Well thank you, but im straight.

    Yes, i know, very lame. But if i hadnt said it, it would have haunted the rest of my week. Instead, it haunts you now.

    But yea, thanks.

    PS: Now that the thread has fulfilled its purpose and is nothing but waste anymore, lets talk about boobs so it wont be purposeless.
  5. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    Im growing inside the house.
  6. ThePurpleMan

    ThePurpleMan Registered+

    o then you pretty much control it... you realize u have to use lights and shit right?... If you were seriouse about growing you should check out the indoor grow forum it will help you with info.. if not then um boobs
  7. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    irlly want to grow :p

    it also depends (as far as i no) ont he strain ur growing (could be a 1-2 week dif) and the amount of lighting/cycles
  8. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    Yeah, i know lights are required. The problem is i dont have very good lights....actually, its more like normal lights you use for growing plants. You see, i talked my mom into growing weed, and she is into growing plants in general.

    Im a real dumbass when it comes to this stuff, since i havent yet studied it alot. Now, do those 'normal' or ordinary or whatever lights that you use for growing plants work on weed as well? I mean sure it decreases its quality to not have good lights, but will the plants survive with crappy...normal plant lights(or whatever) ?
  9. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    And yes, a wonderful thing happened indeed. I got caught of having Morning Glory seeds and my mom freaked out, and i would not have ever believed that i would convince my mom in like 10 to 20 minutes that LSA and weed are good things.
  10. rottenPauL

    rottenPauL Registered+

    the least light u can grow with (meaning the cheapest) is fluorescents. Go with tubes or cfls (bulb-fluorescents) U will need at least 40W per plant but u can really get lots of them, they dont cost very much. u can find 24w bulbs at 5 to 10$

    yeah and do some reading.. its very simple actually to grow a plant. But u have to do some homework to do it right. If u get seriously into it, u will feel like studying and u will see it as a hobby. Coz it is a hobby. It needs attention. Plants dont grow by themselves: they need food, light, water in controlable doses. They r living creatures
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  11. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    Yeah, i will do my homework. Just that school is kind of in the way right now, last year in high school is not fun. But soon im released. Ah.
  12. lil josh

    lil josh Registered+

    yea once you start growing em i think your find it intresting to read up about how to grow it and shit because it will be inprooving what your doing and you will be understanding it in different way to what you will be now.
  13. Nodnorb

    Nodnorb Registered+

    i want to grow but i dont wanna do it in my parents house so only 3 years left in HS and ill be able to grow whatever i want
  14. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    Not that i dont have respect/interest for weed growing as a culture of its own, im more aroused by the fact i can sell or smoke it. But yeah, it sounds like a nice little hobby indeed.
  15. EternalEnemy

    EternalEnemy Registered+

    Considering that i live somewhere where weed is rare and expensive, as you all have heard me bitching about it, i could be like a weed messiah who sells with a low price :D ;)

    To you people, that would sound more egoistic-self-flattery than anything else, right?
    I'l calm down now. But if you lived here you would understand.
  16. HighAllTheTime420

    HighAllTheTime420 Registered+

    I don't know about outdoor growing, but i do do know when u do it indoors with a light, it only takes like a couple months to grow
  17. munroe

    munroe Registered

    look on ebay for a light... i just planted out a couple skunk#11 (fem skunk#1). this si my 1st grow and i havnt got a light yet, but i have my eye out on a 400w hps light for £40 (around $80USD) with built in ballast.

    ebay is a good place to check!
  18. twitch

    twitch Registered+

    hey guy i know ur new here check the posts date next time befor u post this was put out in 06
  19. Kryptonite24

    Kryptonite24 Registered+


    hey was talking about male plants
  20. JAABAA

    JAABAA Registered

    I think he was being sarcastic. Are you being serious? Also, i realize this thread is very old and the former poster, posted in Jan of ?, however, i was searching for an answer to the originators question as well.
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