How long does it take for drug test results to come back?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by chelly718, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Ok so here it goes, I smoked last Thursday then the day after, I cut my finger at work. I had to file an incident report, then my manager tells me I have to take a drug test. My heart dropped when he said that. I had 3 days to get clean. I rarely smoke and Im 121 pounds, 21 years old and have good metabolism. I drank water and green tea nonstop then that sunday, I took a quickscreen home drug test and it came out negative. I had to take the test the Monday that just passed at Quest Diagnostics. Early that morning, I drank green tea, water and gatorade. When I took the urine sample, my urine looked pale yellow. Still nervous after I was done work that night, I got another Quickscreen test and it came out negative again, but this time the second line was faint but I heard that still means its negative. It calmed me down to pass 2 home drug tests, but I'm still a little nervous. It's now Thursday. If it would of came out positive, would they of called me by now? I'm a nervous wreck. I'm still working though and I would like to keep it that way. By the way who would contact me first if I would of failed? I posted so many threads on other websites and they all gave me negative answers. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME SO I CAN STOP BEING PARANOID!!! LOL
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    If you dont hear anything from your employer by Monday, 12/3, then consider yourself okay.
    No news means good news in the world of post-accident drug testing.
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    Thanks but I need more answers! Lol
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    You'll find them under the "search" button.. We're not here to lie to you.. We honestly don't know, we aren't the ones who administered the test. So calm the hell down.
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    The problem is: having to go 'without,' It is difficult for these potentially unemployed people to be CALM. So, chelly..try listening to this, while waiting.. Echoes - Full Length!!! - Pink Floyd - Remember That Night - HD - YouTube Sorry, I've never had a drug test, ever!

    chelly, BT gave you professional advice. What else is there? If ya wanna fret over it, go ahead and post. We'll listen and respond to, what we do know! pr
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