How long does it take to bud?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by SIRUS, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. SIRUS

    SIRUS Registered+

    I have had my babie for 36 days... it is about 2 feet tall is that good? how long does it take for it to bud? ;) thankz...
  2. kuri

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    are you still in veg. state or 12/12 flower state? at 2 feet tall, you should change to 12/12 and then you can start to calculate budding time.
  3. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    what he said : )
  4. Sage of Bud

    Sage of Bud Registered+

    Plants can take anywhere from 7 weeks t0 12 weeks to flower, depending on the strain. Indicas tend to flower in about 7-8 weeks, while sativas will take from 8-12 weeks to flower. Knowing what strain you're growing will help you estimate time it takes to flower.
  5. KanMan

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    Strain type and the environment will determine how long it takes to flower.

    Once you change to flower cycle (12 hours light / 12 hours dark ) they will stretch 2 to 3 more feet tall.

    Good Kannabis Growing!
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  6. Totalpain

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    2 feet tall in 36 days? wow nice... what kind of soil/ lights are you using?
  7. SIRUS

    SIRUS Registered+

    I'm using some soil with little white rock forgot the name but yeah and im using 300 watt flourecin
  8. del...

    del... Registered+

    and you got 2' from seed in 36 days under that?

    and the white rock is probably either vermiculite or perlite...
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  9. bosnianblazer

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    36 days wow, im at 23 days and its only 6 and a half inches
  10. ShastaCoMan

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  11. SouthrnSmkd

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    i'm letting my plant grow outside it's been a month and it 1ft tall and man it has a very strong smell like weed. is the smell suppose to be strong?
  12. lemonskunk

    lemonskunk Registered

    I been growing my plants now for about 2 months now and they are 9 inches. They are currently on 16/8 under a 26w full spectrum terrarium 2.0 uvb bulb. When should i start to 12/12 them and how long should they take to bud??:thumbsup:
  13. lemonskunk

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  14. lemonskunk

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    Also when and how often should i water them??:beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::gunfighter2::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::cursing::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse::beatdeadhorse:
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  15. hashplant1234

    hashplant1234 Registered

    man it dosent really matter about how tall it is it matters on how big of an area u have to grow in .
  16. saviebabie

    saviebabie Registered

    how do you bud your plant

    my outdoor plant is about 3 feet and has been growing for over two months, i still havent seen flowering. is there a process im supposed to complete?
  17. larz27

    larz27 Registered

    yep, she gonna be a biggun

    Make yerself some sort of enclosure that can keep all light from that monster for 12 uninterrupted hours. Very important not to screw that up. Don't cut off all air flow. Plants need co2 to live, man. Feed it water, and if its tap, let it sit out awhile or boil it. Give it some plant munchies like fertilizer. Don't know a whole lot about that. Look elsewhere. Good luck brohemian
  18. ktutts

    ktutts Registered

    well i have been growing for 1 month and its 3 1/2 inches is that a good sart
  19. canniwhatsis

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    You just revived a thread that's been dead for over a year,.... and was started 6 years ago! ;)
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  20. nuglover

    nuglover Registered+

    a month a only 3 1/2 inch that is slow growth. mine was 6 to 7 inches. it is now a monster after 3 months. and i lstd it to death. i am expecting a bush after flower streach of 30" tall and about 30" wide. budding like everyone else stated is strain specific. anywhere from 7 to 15 weeks.

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