How long does it take to get clean?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BlindFellow, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. BlindFellow

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    ok i know its probably on this board somewhere but i couldnt find a direct answer. I am applying for a lot of jobs at the moment and for somethe require you to take a drug test, which is fine, i will definently give up weed for a few weeks for a job.

    The last time i smoked was July 12th. I smoked regularly about 6 times a week for 2 months before that. How long will it take to for a 150 lb male to get clean.
  2. Tall Pockets

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    It will take approximately 28 days for you to naturally detox completely. Since you are relatively light (in weight) you may metabolize the THCA quicker - everyone is different but 3-4 weeks is the rule of thumb. If you need to know how to pass without waiting send me an e-mail and I can help.
  3. BlindFellow

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    Will exercise or drinking alot of water before the test help me?
  4. The420Stoner

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    I have never heard of anyone saying they have passed a drug test because of a detox drink
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  6. jiveunion

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    yeah, I used Zydot once before having smoked about a week before the test and I got through it. My general impression though is if your dealing with a pre-employment drug screening the tests are looking for egregious amounts of drugs, different from a government job or probation tests ... can anyone verify?

    keep in mind I also jog 3-6 miles 5 times a week so I think my metabolism is heightened (i'm also a bit heavier than you too, 170 lbs) but if you can give yourself a few weeks just do it, better than freaking out because you smoked a few days before. like some other experienced posters have said, the best way to pass really is to just put the shit down for a sec (easier said than done, i know!!)
  7. BunnywhoSmokes

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    To pass my drug test I was clean for 25 days. I did a few practice run on delutting my urine to make sure I was completely clean.

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