How long does marijuana stay in the system?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mello-04, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. mello-04

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    :confused: Ok, I seriosly need some help. I had 2 puffs of a joint then another 2 puffs about 6 hrs later, this was 2 weeks ago. I have a job interview in 3 days and if they hire me I'll have to take a drug test probably a few days to a week later. I've been drinking a lot of H20 and I also heard green tea helps to get it out fast is this true? Please if any1 can give me some factual info it would really settle my nerves this job is going to pay to much 2 screw it up...Oh ya, I'm not like a 1st time user I've been smokin 4 10 yrs. Just tryin 2 clean up 2 get a job.
  2. amsterdammed

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    i think it's against human rights to drug test, it's disgusting.

    i don't have a clue how long it stays in your system, i thought it was like a month.

    i couldn't live in a country that does random drug testing, no way.
  3. Jaycub

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    I've read varying information, but if you smoke about a j or 2 a month it only stays in your system (urine) for 2-3 days. If you smoke atleast once or twice a week it will stay for about a week. Once a day smokers need about a months time to clean up.

    Smoking 4 puffs from a j will more than likely clear within a day. If you're way paranoid just drink some water the morning of your test that way your urine will be diluted.
  4. Captain Hanks

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    lol, water and green tea don't really work, unless you dillute your piss by drinking alot of water and peeing alot the day of the test (before it)...

    just drink 10 glasses of gatorade or 10 glasses of water and alot of b-vitamins and pee twice before the test
    make sure to wake up early and enough to do it
  5. DoctorCubensis

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    First of all, if those hits you took 2 weeks ago is all you've smoked in the past month, then you're golden. I guarantee you will pass. I'd say you were clean within 4 days. The more you smoke, the longer it stays in your system, as thc is fat soluble and metabolizes into the bloodstream for an extended amount of time, depending on the amount consumed. I've smoked half a joint 3 days before a piss test for probo, and i passed, as it was the only thing I had smoked. Now if you had been smoking alot prior to two weeks ago, I'd suggest looking for a whizzinator or my favorite product, "No. 1". It's 59.99 but worth every penny. It's a job interview test so they obviously aren't going to watch you.
  6. DoctorCubensis

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    Also, about the water and green tea, that CAN help if done before the test, as all it does is open a time window to where you will piss with undetectable concentrations of THC. It in no way "cleans your system" so drinking days before a test is completely pointless.

    A problem with drinking water before a test to dilute your system, is that you will piss for low creatinine levels, which are tested for. If you plan on taking this approach, I suggest you visit a health store and purchase some creatinine pills or something.
  7. FakeBoobsRule

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    The half life of THC can range from .8 days to 10 days. Get a home drug test from a drug store or online and test yourself.
  8. GetBakedOrDieTryin

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    You'll be fine, unless ur a heavy smoker, very very heavy smokers, i think last 30 days at the most, and thats if u have a very slow metobolism.
  9. FakeBoobsRule

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    You would be shocked to see how many people test positive after 30 days. If you are a daily smoker who smokes several times a day, it can easily be closer to 60 days. I know of several people who have tested at 50-60 days out. He didn't give an accurate description of what the two weeks before that was like. If he was smoking a half ounce a day then took 2 weeks off, then smoked again, it could easily be longer than 30 days.

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