how long does marijuana stay in your system?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by hempomatic, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. hempomatic

    hempomatic Banned

    ok so i smoked 2 bowls the other day and was wondering how fuckin long does this shit stay in your system??????? i at about 5'2" and reaaaaaaallly fat 210 pounds i heard fat can affect the thc release
  2. nuggetgirl

    nuggetgirl Registered+

    It'll take like a month to get outta your system. Maybe less if you drink alot of water and are not an avid smoker. I smoke alot, so it'd definitely take it a month for me.
  3. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    I think its 30 days but I could be wrong....proably am.
  4. hempomatic

    hempomatic Banned

    well that goes good since ibe olby got ripped a few times im loading the bowl now this is sime good shit kb
  5. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    why ya care how long it stays in your system, planing to get tested?
  6. gs8778

    gs8778 Registered+

    after a month i was still failing piss tests
  7. chisme

    chisme Guest

    lmao u nutters

    hair test = up to 7months
    piss test = 1month tracable values
  8. chisme

    chisme Guest

    so basicly after 1 months the risk of them finding the traceable values is decreased by 68% but its still VERY possible

    it depend on how throu and throu they r
  9. Green Love

    Green Love Registered+

    Depends on what type of smoker you are. An occasional smoke not, say very long maybe 1-2wks tops, but if u daily, then a month 4 sure.
  10. littleitaly

    littleitaly Registered

    ok dude i work in health care, here is how it works, if you are an every once and a while smoker, it takes 3 to 4 days to get out of your system. if you are a once a week smoker it takes about two weeks. for it to take a month to get out of your system then you would have to be smokin that shit every other min of the day. your blood would have to be liquid T.H.C.
  11. Kryzco

    Kryzco Registered+

    I also heard if ur a daily smoker it will take a month or more

    if you want it to get out of your system faster, EXERCISE
  12. 420Toaker

    420Toaker Registered+

    believv it or not cranberry juice works (i know everyone is gunna say its a myth) but it actually does my buddy who i smoke with most everyday signed up for the Navyand had been smokeing regulary. He knew when he went for the test they gie you a piss test too so he stopped smoking i think 2-3 days before and drank gallons of cranberyyjuice like 1-2 gallons of it aday and he drank a full gallon before he left for the tests. Then guess what? yup he passed the piss test!
  13. Fabolous

    Fabolous Registered+

    if you are over 180 lbs, Maryjane can stay in your system for a good 3 months,. if you deside to drink tons of water maybe 2....

    The 1 month thing is if your under the 180lbs Line.
  14. RevDutch

    RevDutch Registered+

    here is an article that came out recently about the detection time of cannabis in your system......

    Marijuana Detection Time Shorter Than Previously Assumed

    February 23, 2006 - Columbia, MO, USA

    Columbia, MO: The length of time cannabis metabolites may be detected, on average, on a standard urine screen is typically no longer than ten days for chronic users and between 3-4 days for infrequent users, according to a literature review published in the current issue of the journal Drug Court Review.

    "Recent scientific literature indicates that it is uncommon for occasional marijuana smokers to test positive for cannabinoid [metabolites] in urine for longer than seven days" at 20 ng/ml or above on the EMIT (Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique) test, the author concludes. "Following smoking cessation, chronic smokers would not be expected to remain positive for longer than 21 days, even when using the 20 ng/ml cannabinoid cutoff."

    When tested at the 50 ng/ml cutoff threshold, infrequent users typically test negative for the presence of marijuana metabolites within 3-4 days, while heavy users typically test negative by ten days after ceasing use, the study found.

    While several clinical trials from the 1980's found cannabis metabolites to be identifiable in the urine at low concentrations for longer periods of time, particularly in heavy users, the author suggests that more advanced drug-testing technology has narrowed this window of detection.

    "As cannabinoid screening tests evolved, these improved assays became more selective in the manner in which they detected marijuana metabolites," the author writes. "As detection specificity increased, the length of time cannabinoids were being detected in urine decreased. ... Therefore, the results of cannabinoid elimination investigations performed in the 1980's may no longer be applicable to estimating the detection window for marijuana in urine using today┬╣s testing methodologies."

    After reviewing data from more recent clinical investigations of chronic marijuana smokers, the author reports that the "average detection window for cannabinoids in urine at the lowest cutoff concentration of 20 ng/ml was just 14 days." However, the author also notes that a minority of subjects continue to test positive for cannabis metabolites after 28 days, even when tested by more advanced drug-testing technology.

    Approximately 55 million drug screens are performed annually in the United States. The majority of these are workplace urinalysis tests, which detect the presence of drug metabolites (inert byproducts produced after a substance is metabolized by the body), but not the substance itself. Consequently, the US Department of Justice affirms that a positive drug test result for the presence of a drug metabolite "does not indicate ... recency, frequency, or amount of use; or impairment."

    For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Senior Policy Analyst, at (202) 483-5500. Full text of the study, "The marijuana detection window: Determining the length of time cannabinoids will remain detectable in urine following smoking," is available online at:

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