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how long does urine last for?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by 3inchesofadown, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. 3inchesofadown

    3inchesofadown Registered

    how long does urine last for?

    i am asking this because i am clean now for about 3 months,
    but i got some bomb right now:Rasta:.

    and if my parents want to test me at home i want to be able to pass.

    so how long does urine stay fresh?

    can u do something to keep it fresh? maybe freeze it???


    it would be nice to kno.:thumbsup:
  2. happiestmferoutthere

    happiestmferoutthere Registered+

    You can put it in the fridge for about 2 weeks, and freeze it about a year.
  3. 3inchesofadown

    3inchesofadown Registered

    thanks alot, but how do you heat it up again?
  4. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Did you read the substitution thread?
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  5. happiestmferoutthere

    happiestmferoutthere Registered+

    Body temp works. Hand warmers work. Car heaters work good. microwaves can get it too hot, so be careful, but they work too. There are many, many options.
    edit- FBR beat me to it! You rock!
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  6. 3inchesofadown

    3inchesofadown Registered

    ok thanks ya'll,

    enjoy your bud, and don't drive high.


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