How long for flowering stage?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by anubeazh, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I've just got a plant from my friend. It's about 2 months old w/ the heigth of 1.2 meters. I've been taking care of it for a week now. I started to buy 2 Grow-Lux fluorescene (plan to buy more soon) and it starts to grow faster than the sun light (b'coz it's rainy season in my country right now).

    Also, my friend gave it the fertilizer for flowering since the beginning (kinda fool for my friend) so it abit lack of nitrogen and some leaves turn yellow, so i decided to put more nitrogen and keep 18/6 light cycle for 1 more month, is that good?

    And I wanna ask that how long the flowering stage take? I see in the seed selling website it says that "Flowering Stage : 8-11 weeks" What does it mean? Does it mean that it would take 8-11 weeks to be ready for flowering or the flowering takes 8-11 weeks?

    Anyway, my plant come from the seed that my friend got it from the street weed(illegal weed), but it look like the "Traveling Thai" in Nirvana web shop, and i'll attach the pics later. Also, this is my 1st post and grow, so be gentle to me hehehehe:hippy:
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    You probably could start flowering it now if its been growing for over 2 months. Also, to answer your flowering question, 8-11 weeks means it will take that long to flower before you can harvest. It all depends on what strain you have.. sativa or indica. Sativa takes longer.
    But the best way for you to know its time to harvest, is to check the trichomes with a microscope.
    Best advice though is to start reading up!!!!!

    good luck!
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    Thank you very much that info so probely i will have to harvest after newyear. That's kinda long though but im sure to harvest one of the best in my life (coz weed here are all shit weed due to the growing quality and smuggling) and I grow it myself I should get somewhat-pride high, too hehehehe.
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    yeah its really cool to grow your own. i remember the first time i smoked from my very own harvest, it was heaven. I had harvested a bit early though so dont make the same mistake as me.. and didnt cure/dry very well. I have now learned from my mistakes.. patience is the key.

    Right now, im starting 9th week of flowering on my grow and let me tell ya its HARD as HELL not to chop them down right now! They look ready, they smell ready but i know they still need a few more days... ive waited 4 months for them to get like this... so a few more days isnt gonna kill me.
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    I am sure to get some good harvest :Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta:
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    Yeah if it's a over a meter hgih you should deffinantly start flowering. Good luck ;) (The yellowing of leaves could be due to over nuting btw - I had the same problem)

    Hope you have a good yield!

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    now it's higher than me. i do some bending to give more light to the bottom. it's a week since i change the light to 12/12 w HPS. About the yellow leaf, it's all solve. it's just lack of light and lil lack of N. The leaves turn yellow i think coz it cannot use those leave so better to get rid of them and make more top leaves. i can see a lil female pistill, but not that sure have to wait for 2-3 days, but i think mune is female wa ha wa ha!!!:Rasta::Rasta:
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    congrats man got any pics :Rasta:

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