how long is the seedling stage?????????

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by blazingDUBs420, Jul 5, 2004.

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    i have planted 6 plants 2 have already started but they were from an earlier batch the other four i jus planted last night (july 4th) i have them under a light and will be able to keep it that way 24/7 but what i need to know is how long is the seedling stage? when would be the best time to transplant them to my other location? when they are in the vegetative stage >???? i did have another idea to grow them in my fort but i scraped that idea and said the sun will work fine ? will i be able to harvest before winter ? as you can see i kinda need a bit of help but even if i dont get to grow all 6 ill be happy, i should have a good supply of weed to last me for a while if i get to harvest and all . i would like for someone to help me that lives in Ontario, Canada in the lower part near the Detroit River ( windsor) area. this will make everthing more accurate for me

  2. blazingDUBs420

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    well how about some fellow canadians , i jus need to know when my plants will be ready for transplanting. i have 2 seedlings and one that has still to sprout i planted the 2 seedlings july 1st . i need to know when yous think they might be ready to transplant. they are looking good as of now i will have a pic very soon to show more detail but jus the one answer i need is when to transplant them

    thanks for any replies
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    i aint canadian but i know alot about outdoor growin'

    u dont need lights if u griwing out, just plant out when starting to look recognisable as weed, till then germinate and grow on windowsill

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