how long till i piss clean?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by glad1242, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Hello everyone ive been put on probation that will require me to do random drug tests and was wondering how long it would be before i piss clean if:

    -smoked everyday for about 2-3 years
    -quit for about 2 months
    -started smoking again for 2-3 months (everyday)
    -i weigh about 170 lbs
    -im about 6 foot
    -not fat but i could lose some weight
    -weed smoked was not high quality
    -weed was medium/low quality (schwag we call it)

    i havnt smoked in about 20 days at this point and i probably wont be tested for a few more weeks

    how long do you think it would take to piss clean every time?
    and is there anyway to speed the process up? (ive read that nothing but time will truely work)

    p.s. ive also read that it can take 12 weeks to completly leave your system if thats the case im going back to county jail :(
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    Theres no telling when you'll be clean because each person is different.

    Periodic home testing would give you the most accurate answer. Much more accurate than guesswork from other persons.

    When taking home THC tests, be sure to use the first urination of the day.

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