How long Till I piss Clean??!!!??

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mikeDstein, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. mikeDstein

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    I am 6.2 ft and weight 200lbs. I am skinny and active! however I am a chronic smoker, like a joint everyday. I have not smoke for two days wich is a big accomplishment for me! How long till I piss clean?

    I have read all the alternatives online, but i want to do it the natural way. no dilution, no fake pee, no aspirin, no B-12 vitamins.

    I know there is no exact way to tell how long, but is there anyone out there thats the same size as me that can help?
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  2. Burnt Toast

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    Nobody can realistically answer that question for you. Each persons body is different and there are too many variables to take into consideration to arrive at a guesstimation. Only periodic testing with a THC test kit (using the first urination of the day for each time) can give you that answer.
  3. mikeDstein

    mikeDstein Registered+

    do you know where to buy thc test kits?

    do you know where to buy thc test kits?
  4. Deige

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    Walmart, Wall-greens, any local pharmacy. I buy them online at amazon, there much cheaper.
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  5. mikeDstein

    mikeDstein Registered+

    got one off line from cvs then amazon thanks
  6. Burnt Toast

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    Keep us posted of your home test results and, if possible, photog and scan them :thumbsup:
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  7. mikeDstein

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    11 days clean and i did the THC test strips and it came back positive. i don't know if i can take this no smoking much longer.
  8. deandavidmartin

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    It took me 21 days to piss clean. I'm 6'5, 220lbs and was a regular smoker. My neighbor took 47 days to piss clean. He's a pretty big (fat) guy and a chronic smoker. His wife took 12 days (small build, skinny). For you? Who knows. Keep testing yourself periodical, using the first urination of the day. Some of my other threads I talk about the FirstCheck drug test that allows you to send your sample in for a free lab test that gives you a quantitative measure of how much thc is in your body, I highly recommend this type of test, especially for someone like you who wants to go all natural, as you can see exactly how far away from pissing clean you are. You can pick them up at you local pharmacy. Search for some of the recent threads I've started if you want to. All the information is in there..

    /edit: Here's the cliff notes version -
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  9. mikeDstein

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    OK I am taking the first check test kit today... I will show results when i get them...However

    I have been taking to THC test strips. One at 7 days clean. second at 11 days clean. and one at 13 days clean. Here is ther results of that:

    I read in your thread that a faint line is a negative result. are these lines visable enough for a negative result? take a look tell me what you think!!!

    puff puff-- am I clean?
  10. Burnt Toast

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    Rule of thumb - if it can be photocopied, its a line. A faint line is still a line, which translates a negative.
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  11. deandavidmartin

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    Negative. Keep in mind that THC metabolite levels can fluctuate from day to day with the ebb and flow of your body. But if you're consistently testing clean, using the first urination of the day, you should feel very confident you'll pass. Just don't try to cheat by diluting for your home test. You want to test under a worst case scenario, if you can pass that, you should be good to go. Personally, I'd still send in the FirstCheck sample just for more reassurance.
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  12. mikeDstein

    mikeDstein Registered+

  13. deandavidmartin

    deandavidmartin Registered+

    Looks negative to me. Remember, a faint drug line for a passing THC result is normal. The FirstCheck directions say they will have a result for you in 5-7 days once they receive the sample, but in my experience, they have a result within 1-2 days of receiving the sample. IF you failed this one, you're damn close to the 15ng cut off point, but from the picture, I'd say you passed it. In my thread My u/a experience so far.., there are pictures of my tests, the first one being a failure (there was a ghost line) and the second and subsequent ones passing (all very faint, even to this day with two months sober).
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  14. mikeDstein

    mikeDstein Registered+

    wait is it 15ng or 50ng the cut off?

    I read different, some say 15ng and some say 50ng
  15. Burnt Toast

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    The initial Immunoassay screen (as well as the home test) has a cutoff limit of 50 ng while the confirmation GC/MS has a cutoff limit of 15 ng.

    But dont let the differing cutoffs worry you. Even though they numerically differ, a 50 ng I/A screen is functionally equivalent to the 15 ng GC/MS. For more info, read post #18 of this thread:
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  16. mikeDstein

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    Here are my results negative for marijuana after 13 days. However no indication of how many ng were found.

    SO for a recap. I am 6'3 195 lbs. I am active and have low body fat. I am a chronic smoker for 6 years now. smoke probably more then a joint a day. stopped smoking for 14 days. I drank a lot of water and cranberry juice. I worked how twice a day doing cardio, did not lift weights because I don't sweat enough.
    Took the firstcheck test and passed..

    I hope this was helpful for all my pot smokers. keep smoking but do it smart!!
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  17. musicmom323

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    I am an overweight female and was a chronic very heavy smoker for ten years, half oz a took me 51 days to test clean. I recommend buying thc tests on e-bay. Cheap and fast shipping. No word on when I might be subjected to a drug test, but I'm ready when it comes. Also looking very much forward to it all being over and being able to resume the one medication that I know helps all my "ills" all who face drug tests, I sympathize. Hopefully in the not too distant future, we will be past this, but then I've always been a utopianist.
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  18. mikeDstein

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    almost a year later and now its time for the job hunt. Just had a good interview and now i think i will be hired and need to piss.

    I have not smoked for three days. I will take my first THC test strip on the morning after the 7th day. stay tuned for my results.

    Before i stopped. I was smoke at least three times a day.

    I am not drinking alot of water or taking at detox solutions. Just working it out and sweating a lot. I am still 6'3 and 195lbs

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