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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by lulu64, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. lulu64

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    How long do you veg a plant before detemining sex. If I'm lucky to get a lady then how long until harvest time? Oh, indoor growing.
  2. pushit

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    You will usually be able to tell the sex within two weeks of switching your lights to 12/12. Sometimes youll be able to tell towards the end of a long veg period with some strains.
    As for the harvest time, get yourself a microscope and look at trichomes. You have plenty of time until then so i would suggest doing alot of reading. I would be willing to bet that everything you need to know is on this site. Read the faq section and check out some of the grow logs. The more you read, the more you learn, which results in better meds in the end. Good luck
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  3. tacman7

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    The book I'm reading they take some cuttings from plants early on and put them into flower to see the sex. I would think this is something you would do for a big operation maybe, have to have everything labeled really well.
  4. how2growsensi

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    i have this little box where i keep my clones in the i will repot them after two weeks and put in liter size pots then leave em in the box for another two weeks where ill be toping and lts method to make them look really nice. theb repot to half gals and move into tent with 600 watts on 18hrs of light and after the first week of that u should see preflowers
  5. lulu64

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    I guess I wasn't clear. How long do you let the plant grow before putting it on a 12/12 cycle? Should it be 18" tall, 2 feet, tall 3 feet tall or what? Also, after you get a female do you leave the light on 12/12 cycle until harvest or do you go back to a longer time of light like maybe 15 on and 9 hours off?
  6. tacman7

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    There is no 'should'.

    You can implement flowering any time you please. I talked to a guy with 60 plants in a box in 24oz cups. Just one bud in a cup.

    You start the flowering to suit your needs if you want big plants give them a few months, shorts ones a lot less.

    I forget, seems like they're still going to grow in size 30%? after flowering begins. Also you can bend them to spread them out.

    So it's up to you when to flower.
  7. pushit

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    The length of veg time depends on your setup or preference. Say someone with a 10x10 grow area with several HPS lights will usually veg for longer so they will have bigger plants. More room/lights=more space to grow bigger plants. Someone with limited room/lights will veg for a shorter period of time and keep their plants on the smaller side. I will usually veg til i see alternating nodes. That means the plant will be sexually mature and ready to flower when you are. If you dont have alot of room/lights its pretty much up to you when you want to flower. Whenever you are ready. Just keep in mind that a plant will double sometimes triple in size in flowering so veg to the size according. Outgrowing your space/lights sucks.
    Once you start flowering i keep my lights on 12/12 til they get the chop. Some do 11/13 and some do 10/14. With you being new i would just do 12/12 til you get the hang of growing then you can experiment further down the road.
  8. pushit

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    This is how i do it. The main reason is because when you take cuttings from a flowering mom it adds stress to it. Plus the cuttings will have to revert back to the veg cycle. Which in return is a slower process. Im not saying it cant be done but i prefer doing it the way you stated.
  9. lulu64

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    Thanks pushit--you've been a great help.
  10. dumdedum

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    About 4 week veg should be fine :)

  11. lulu64

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    I read your blog and it's just what I needed. I have one question though (at this time). Can you explain more about the molasses? Again, thanks for your help.

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