How long to veg?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kronos416, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. kronos416

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    well i always grow sea of green and usually place freshly rooted clones right into flowering room. my question is how long should i vegitate them to get bigger yields 2 weeks 3weeks? will it be worth the extra time to veg them? thanks
  2. Dexter007

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    dont get me wrong but its bit of a stupid question for me cos theres so many factors..main thing is the strain and so on and on...spend half and hour in google and you will get a answer..if not,then ask the same thing again and im sure somebody will point you the right direction..

    ----------well i always grow sea of green ------>if you ALLWAYS do that then you should allready know that cos otherwise your been wasting your time.
  3. kronos416

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    well how long??????????????
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  4. emilya

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    certainly any extra time in veg is going to make your plants bigger than if you keep doing as you are now and putting them as baby plants in a 12/12 light. In 3-4 weeks of veg you could have some pretty strong plants going that will produce multiple colas for you, especially if you look into methods such as FIM or LST. I would be willing to bet that your plants will end up being at least twice as big as what you see now, and that your yield at least triples. The bottom line is, you are never going to know for sure until you try it... so come on. I dare you to be patient this time and allow them to grow up just a bit.

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  5. jay130984

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    IMG-20110418-00033.jpg IMG-20110418-00031.jpg IMG-20110418-00029.jpg IMG-20110418-00032.jpg i veg for 5 week when there rooted and do the LSTl.ive got 4 on the 7th week of flower,and they fill a 2x2 tent and there bout 4ft tall.
  6. Breeder

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    2 week to one monch
  7. StoneMeadow

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    On my first try I vegged for 2 weeks at 24/7 before switching to 12/12 for flowering, and am somewhat disappointed in the yield. For my current grow I'm going to veg for about 6 weeks to let them get really big before switching them to flowering, because my girls never really got any bigger once I switched them.
  8. Purple Daddy

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    Consider mother natures natural growing season for cannabis. You should be able to grow outdoors and maintain vegetative growth from about May 21st to August 21st, thats three months of about 15 +/- hours of natural light. If you're growing 24/7 then you should factor your growth rate at 33% higher then mother nature, if mother nature gives you 90 days of veg growth subtract 33% from that and you should cut it to about 60 days for the same growth rate. HOWEVER what you can't factor is the power of the sun vs. indoor lighting.

    The ideal situation would be if you could give them their normal natural sun during the day then put them under lights at night. I tried this by moving them by hand back and forth but after a few weeks I said fuck it!
  9. StoneMeadow

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    That's valuable information, Purple Daddy...thanks!

    I did the moving in and out thing for 11 weeks with my first grow, and while it did work well, it also required that I be here without fail every single day. That's not a long term solution for me.

    Since my current grow is timed perfectly to the solar cycle, I'm going to let the natural light cycle take over for this grow. The harvest will be delayed, but I'm trusting it will make up for it in the long run. Now that I think about it, that means I'll veg for 12 weeks...not 6.
  10. Purple Daddy

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    I tried a spring grow and timed it with the suns natural cycle. I was growing in a bedroom with pretty good natural light and supplimented the room with some LED's and flourescents, anyway, I did the 24/7 for two months then the first week of March I set the lights to only about 8 hours from 8 a/m to 4 p/m and let mother natures cycle take over eventually moving them outside for the final 5 weeks.
  11. StoneMeadow

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    Over this past winter and early spring I did my first grow in a large sunroom, with supplemental 6500k CFL lighting overnight. The only real error I made, IMO, was to veg for only two weeks. You can read about it in the link in my sig.

    The grow I'm doing now is taking advantage of the longer days, and once again is a bucket grow, but the plants are outside in full sun all day, then moved into the sunroom at night to keep them warmer than they'd be outside.
  12. seventhchild

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    a true SOG will consist of only single cola plants filling all available space....after potting the freshly rooted clones[assuming a 4" to 6" clone] veg them until you have VIGOROUS NEW GROWTH...this lets you know the roots are healthy and able to take in food rapidly....ready to flower for max yield....i have 4 pots [5.5" by 5.5"] per square foot and harvest between 3/4 and 2 oz depending on variety
  13. craigers

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  14. craigers

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    4 weeks b great should get good yeild
  15. DeeDouble

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    I normally veg for 5 weeks sumtimes 4.. Always flower 8weeks! Great yield!

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