How long until seeds pop up from soil?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by taylor324, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. taylor324

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    I planted a germinated seed about a cm deep in some soil (in a pot) yesterday. I added a little water and also put a fluro light about 4 inches away. Am I doing this right? When should I expect the seedling to sprout? And when can I switch to MH?
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    Did you germinate the seeds first? I find it's much harder to just plant the seed in soil, add some water and light and hope it flowers.

    Take 6 sheets of kitchen paper towels, place the seeds in the middle. Pour some water over the seeds, enough to keep the area that the seeds are sitting in very moist. Fold the paper over itself so the seeds are sitting in the middle, and pour some more water overtop. Throw that in your drawer, stash box, etc... w/e. Presto, 3-5 days later you'll see some seeds have opened and others even have small roots comming out of the opening. Plant those in the soil, with the root facing the bottom of the planter.

  3. taylor324

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    yeah, i germinated. but was wondering the next steps in terms of lighting and watering
  4. LIP

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    Right, if the soil is moist, it should only take 2 days tops to pop up. When the seed shell fall off, exposing the cotyledons, you can put the flous on the plant, fairly close, but not touching.

    Once the plant has its 3rd set of leaves, you can put it under the MH

    Only water when the top inch or 2 is dry, dont do it more than this, it might look like it needs it on top, but it doesnt because it will be very nicely damp in the bottom.
  5. taylor324

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    thank you, LIP!
  6. busteruk7

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    i second all that
    the only thing is some seeds acn differ in times they sprout
  7. mountainman

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    I've had seeds pop above the soil in a day, while some take 3-4. It just depends on how good the genetics are and how developed that seed is.
  8. chisme

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    lip whats better a hps or mh? i have a 600w hps on its way for veg :D
  9. junkboxer

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    when you transplanted the seed from your germination method into soil did you use clean materials. ive had some times when the seed got some bacteria on it and kind of rotted and never sprouted up.

    also which way did you place the seed? its so important that the root tip is pointing down when placed in. also i prefer even less then a cm do like 3/4 to half of a cm. also did your soil ever dry out? never ever let it dry.

    a good way to ensure constant moisture is to put your seedling in a small pot with a few holes on the bottom...then put that pot in a little dish with about a cm high of water in it...the soil will always be nice and moist.

    o yea and heat. heats definetally speeds up the germ/sprouting proccesses. put a heating pad under your pots 24/7. if its to cold they will take a while to come up.
  10. MrGuy

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    I generally would put mine under a hood to keep the moisture in, just like w/ clones...
  11. junkboxer

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    beware of mold! for some reason the only reoccuring problem i cant slove with growing ganj is mold when doing mini greenhouse germination methods. after tryin different things the most effective method was what i mentioned above with the pot submerged into about a cm to an inch of water
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    yo I dont understand why people say put the root tip down, it shoudl be up^^^^ dammit up a and slightly on an angle but still up
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    yo this is a REALLY old post, gave me a good chuckle tho :D

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