How Many Blunts Can U Smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by onestonedmotherfuck, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. onestonedmotherfuck

    onestonedmotherfuck Registered

    What's your record for blunts smoked in one evening? Mine is 4, but 4 fat ones.
  2. theprettiestprincess

    theprettiestprincess Registered+

    Mine is 4 also. Me and my boyfriend smoked 4 blunts this summer, and I passed out about an hour and a half later.
  3. marylanddude2005

    marylanddude2005 Registered+

    Not many, I'm a lightweight.

    But then again, that is really quite a good thing if you think about it... ;)
  4. Juggalotus

    Juggalotus Registered+

    I've seen this topic like 20 times now :p, I can smoke 3 to myself, but then again...No one smokes blunts around here.
  5. 187

    187 Registered+

    1 i wouldn't waste my weed on more
  6. bklynbluntsmoker

    bklynbluntsmoker Registered+

    are we talking to the face or with ppl? either way I dont have enough money to find out. the most Ive been able to afford with like a group of heads is like maybe 10 but Id prolly fall asleap if I was smoking them all to the face(for those who live in rural areas to the face means all to your self)
  7. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    never smoked a blunt.
  8. chronbluntz

    chronbluntz Registered

    3 full dutchmasters in 45 minutes, with three good friends. thats how many blunts i can smoke
  9. kindbuds

    kindbuds Registered+

    Me and my friend downed 4 honey dutches in 2 hours. But it was some crazy shit. :eek:
  10. west coast style

    west coast style Registered+

    Went through half an ounce last 4/20, so we killed a few packs of swishers.
  11. lizka4200

    lizka4200 Registered+

    howveer many dutches u give me to twist
  12. mario

    mario Registered

    i smoke 14 blunts to my self in throw up :)
  13. Kingkronic

    Kingkronic Registered+

    smoked 10 blunts middle sized blunts on 5 heads and alot of people smoke blunts in my neighborhood. peach optimos by the way
  14. bulls4591

    bulls4591 Registered+

    i barely smoke blunts since i have my piece but the most ive done was 2 but im sure i could do more if i wanted to
  15. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Never smoked a blunt, but I did smoke 6 joints, to myself, in one sitting before. One right after the other. That's when my tolernace was high though, now, shit...I can barely pull back two joints without being so stoned out of my gourd. But if I had unlimited weed, I think I could 8 joints before I passed out or died from laughter.
  16. g unit boy

    g unit boy Registered+

    I love blunts. Blunts are my number one choice for smokin. Idk, most i ever had in 1 night is 2 and they werent even by myself. My boy smoked 7 by himself tho. He said he passed out or something, i cant remember
  17. well i honestly couldn't say, i can tell you i've smoked more than 5 or 6 in a couple hours period, but i've never reached my limit yet, bring me a box of blunts and a qp and i'lll be glad to find out for you
  18. Takahashi

    Takahashi Registered

  19. stonerpoet

    stonerpoet Registered+

    I love blunts!
    I think the most I've ever smoked at once was like 3 or 4.
    Blunts are great. :)
  20. kman

    kman Registered+

    never smoked a blunt i use my pipe

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