how many days does it take for a seed to sprout

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by weedracer119, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. weedracer119

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    i germinated four seeds for 6 days inside a moist paper towel but no root came out in the six days. So i was getting impatient and took two seeds and planted them about 1/4" below the dirt. I got two CFL's on each and was wondering about how long it will take for them to come out of the dirt. The other two seeds are still germinating and i'm going to wait for a tail on them to plant them.

    so does anyone know how long it should take?

    HARDDON Registered+

    Seeds planted in soil, about 1/4" deep and kept moist and dark will produce seedlings in 5-7 days.


    (Note I said kept in dark)
  3. weedracer119

    weedracer119 Registered+

    so do you mean with the light off or on. if the light is on but the seed is under the dirt, then the seed is still dark.... right?!

    HARDDON Registered+

    Yes the seed is in the dark...

    So why have the light on at all?

    The light will only serve to dry the top layers of soil out and you dont want that.

    Keep it moist and dark.
  5. Nochowderforyou

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    Well yes, it will still be dark. But what Hard-on is saying is that you require no light to sprout a seedling. Leaving the light on is pointless and you're just wasting energy and the lifetime of your lights. So leave the lights off until you see it popped through soil. No light is required for the sprouting/germinating process.
  6. weedracer119

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    thanks guys, that helps a lot.
  7. fhydro

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    good seeds in a moist paper towel at a good temp can germinate in less than 24h. Old seeds, will spend more time, but i think that the quickest they germinate, the most potent they are.
  8. weedracer119

    weedracer119 Registered+

    what would you consider a good temp?
  9. MyMindIsGlowing

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    This is what I do.

    fold the damp paper towel 3 times over the seeds, place in a ziplock bag, "don't ziplock it but don't leave it wide open" and place ontop of the heat vents of a home stereo, PC monitor and the likes. those suckers will pop in no time.

    Make sure you check on them a few times a day, fresh air...
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    Hello people!!!!! This is my 1st post on this site. Been reading these boards for quite a few months and have my 1st grow well under way now. Many thanks to all the people who stick messages on here cos it`s certainly helped!!! TY all !! And as regards this thread -- all the seeds i`ve germinated ( only 4 so far ) have done so within about 3 days or so by just putting them between 2 sheets of kitchen paper soaked in water and kept in a dark cupboard , making sure the paper is kept soaked all the time!!! All mine grew nice little roots within 3 or 4 days. I transplanted them to dirt as soon as the root was bout 3 to 5 millimetres sticking out of the seed. i`ve put them in a mix of sommat like 50% potting compost -25% vermiculite- 25% perlite. had them under a 400w Hps for the 1st few weeks but really fucked up!!! not realising how much heat a HPS gives off i killed 2!!!!! OOOOOPS!!!! sorry but 1st attempt and we live and learn!!!So Now i have 2 doin very nicely under a few strip flouros and a 125 watt envirolite with a batwing and a few fans blowing over them on 24/7. hope i can post few pics soon. And yeah sorry - regarding this thread!!!!! lol soaking wet paper towels with ur seeds in-between in a dark warm closet seems to work for me within 3 or 4 days!!!! Dunno though???? might depend on strain and age of seed etc -- many factors!!!
    Digi-dog -- UK !!! Keep messaging!!!!!!!!!
  11. MyMindIsGlowing

    MyMindIsGlowing Registered+


    how close was that 400w?

    just wondering, thanks
  12. digitaldog

    digitaldog Registered+

    bout 24 inches away!!!! :( just never had a hps light b4 and really didn`t know how fierce they can be!!! - learnt my lesson now and getting to grips with it all now! i think i put them seeds to germinate a bit too soon!! Should have read more b4 really!! classic case of trying to run b4 i could walk but i`m learning fast now thanks to some class people on here!!! Thanku all!!
  13. MyMindIsGlowing

    MyMindIsGlowing Registered+

    HPS on seedlings. was it a horti?

    MH should be used during the Veg stage.

    Can anyone tell me if HPS burn hotter than MH and if so, how much hotter giving the same W.
  14. digitaldog

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    i know that now!!!!!! think i was being a bit too keen!!! and yeah i`d like to know if metal halide run as hot or hotter than hps too cos i have my babies under envirolites and other fluoros at the mo but am thinking of getting a MH. heat is a real problem though!!!!
  15. MyMindIsGlowing

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    for 4 plants, a 250MH would be good and good with heat issues. Maybe go with 400MH if you can, I have noticed that "some" floros cause plants to stretch but an MH seems to keep them nice and tight.

    Anyone on the heat diffrence? Where is that expert Harddon when you need him ;)
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    HARDDON Registered+

    Personally I only veg with floros. There is nothing an MH can do that good CFL's cannot do during veg. The MH may be easier to work with than CFLs.

    But for lvegging purposes, for me its CFL all they way.

    Any light you have, CFL, MH or HPS, when used with a reflector is a heat hazzard. You can mitigate the hazzard with suction, forced fan action, kool tubes, glass, etc...

    If you have a small area you are growing in, dont use reflectors.

    You would be shocked to learn how many grows are killed because of heat alone.

    I too, have been the clown that fried his fields with heat.

    For 4 plants, definately go with the 400W over the 250W.

    I am sorry but I do not know the temps of MH vs. HPS...although I can assure you that 250W of MH light is 'hotter' than 250W of HPS.

    At least thats what my arms, fingers, wrists and head can testify to after all the learning I had to do :eek:

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