How many grams could you get off one plant?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Jimbob1310, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Jimbob1310

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    IF i were to harvest just one plant, (i live with 2 younger sisters and my 2 parents, god knows how hard this will be) and take pretty good care for it, howmany grams do u think i could get when i harvest?

  2. phoenix

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    Hah, in your situation? Probably none. ;)

    I think in a good setup of soil people get about an ounce or so. Most likely less for newer growers.
  3. bavet

    bavet Registered+

    Depends on many factors, strain, light, nutrients, air exchange and on n on n on
  4. Nochowderforyou

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    Ha ha! Exactly! :thumbsup:

    Many, many things come into factor here. Saying "I'm going to grow a plant and get an ounce from it" is silly. It depends on how much care you put into it, how it is grown, soil, nutes, wattage, pot size, grow space, etc etc...

    Plus if you have never grown before, don't expect anything special. It takes new, anxious growers a few times to get it right, and if you are an impatient grower, expect nothing special, and a good dozen times to get it right. Growing isn't like taking a shit. It takes time, patience, and the motivation to actually want to learn and grow to get a anything good.

    Some people can get 2lbs in tops alone with 2000W of light.

    Some people only get 28g's per plant with only 400W of light.

    I use a 150hps bulb and the most I've got from one plant was 26g's. That was my best, my bad grow, I got only 7g's. You see, even when things are going great, things can take a turn for the worst.
  5. Craxed

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    Nah, i think you can grow it outside and get more. Not sure how much thought
  6. daima

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    i have seen one plant produce as little as 1/4 ounce.
    i have also seen one plant produce as much as 3-4 lbs

    dai*ma:stoned: sf ca 94110
  7. Chronic Chrissy

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    Me and DH were just discussing this today. How big are these plants? indoor outdaoor? Strain? I'm just growing for personal, and have no idea what to expect from 8 plants in a good caredfully looked after dryer(cabinet) setup with 400watt mh bulb(possibly adding on later), I'm just thinking it could be possibly to have extra.
  8. stinkyattic

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    You live with your parents.
    Younger sisters are snoops.
    You should wait until spring and go outdoors.
    Be nice to your family and the ganja gods will reward you.
  9. mc-blaze21

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    there is no set amount to get off any one plant even if you grow at your best you can still not judge how much yield you are going to get. i just read that your living with ur parents and sisters. personally i think its a bad idea to grow in ur house then man. i would do what stinky said and wait till spring find some where nice a quiet where no one goes and grow a few hell grow a hundred just dont get caught coz from the looks of it ur in the us and there alot harder on u over there then they are on us in the uk. just really think about it befor you do any thing always think it through thats my opinion take it or leave it but its there i hope it all works out man take care and a happy new year!

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