how many grams in an ounce?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX

    Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX Registered+

    i completely forgot how many grams in an ounce. anyone wanna help me out?
  2. Cacophony

    Cacophony Registered+

  3. Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX

    Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX Registered+

    thanx. i knew it was like 20 sumthin
  4. ZigZagZeppelin

    ZigZagZeppelin Registered+

    28.4 actually
  5. Beeblebrox.420

    Beeblebrox.420 Registered+

    28.3495231 g/oz, to be precise.
  6. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    Not counting the baggie
  7. Calliesmokes2

    Calliesmokes2 Registered+

    Man, Im glad someone answeed this, I just smoked my last joint and I suck at math anyway.
  8. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    Correct. :cool:

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